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Erin Michalski  I’m a portrait artist in Waterloo. I’m known for my dreamy whimsical style and creativity. #kwphotography, #kwnewbornphotography,

My three honeys. Yes, there’s one more but he was so busy chatting outside the frame that he didn’t get included this time.

My wild one in her garden.

BOOOM!! What you see is one hot momma. What you can’t see is how much fun we had at #champagneportraitnights, enjoying friendship, fun, bubbly drinks, and pampering with hair and makeup by @lovelly_beauty.and.wellness

My newest portrait painting of the absolutely stunning Blazenka! @bmat66

My mermaid.

Her modelling cracks me up

The sweetness. Do you have a sister? Are you close in age like these two? What was it like growing up together?

Having three girls myself, I can say there’s definitely something special about three sisters. So lucky to have each other 💕

Hahahaha! Puts me in a good mood every time I see this.

Love my studio, but loooooooove working outdoors with the golden light and green scenery! (And gorgeous models, as shown)

Loves her Daddy.

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