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Baby Bum  Spread the love. 💛 #babybum #trustthebum #spreadthelove XO

'You've got a friend in me'✌🏾🐣Morning cuddles with our angel babies! What is it about babies sleeping that is so dang cuuute! The way their hands intertwine is golden! Precious times with @thesimplefolk_ family. XO #spreadthelove

Happy Earth Day! 🌎💦To celebrate this special day we have put together 5 simple ways to help teach our little ones how to help take care of our planet! 👊🏽 1. Recycled Crafts➰save waste and use recycled materials like seashells and leaves and get creative! 2. Start A Garden➰to learn where food comes from and how to take care of a living plant! 3. Recycle Reduce Reuse➰put out separate bins for plastics and papers. 4.Turn Off Water➰when your not using during teeth brushing time.
5. Save Electricity➰turn off electronics when not using or better yet go play outside instead! Yehoo! Feel free to add if you have tips and tricks for your little ones to get involved. Have a beautiful day!✌🏾💦🌴 With fun loving @bambooluv XO

Learning how to hang ten with our frothing fur ball #babybum Willow🤙🏾🐾🐶🏄🏾‍♀️Willow, you're shredding!! It must be cuz of that cute teacher you have there;).Let the good times roll buddy! XO #spreadthelove #hangten

'Uh OH! 'What comes up must comes down!'🐒🌴One of the first lessons of life right here! Second never know unless you try! 👊🏽😉Climbing palms looking for the next thirst quenching coco-coconut with our #babybum monkey boy!✌🏾

🦋🎨You know you're the raddest dad ever when you let your baby gurl use your 'visage' as a canvas! 🎨Her concentrated face is killing us with cuteness! True love right here with @vanessa_prosser and @prawntails XO #raddad #babybum #spreadthelove

'I want to do it all. I also want to do absolutely nothing' 👶🏽👊🏽 Um yes! That sounds about right to us too! Looks like this lengend is pulling it all off. Adventuring while dreaming with multi-tasking #babybum @bambooluv ✌🏾Have a beautiful day!💛XO

'You can't buy happiness, but you can by ice-cream and that is pretty much is the same thing! 🌺😛🍦What's your all time favorite flavor?! We love coconut ice cream like our bright eyed and bushy tailed #babybum right here! Enjoy love!🍦🌴☀️

Surfs up!🏄🏽Life's a wave, catch it!'✌🏾"You just got to lean back and enjoy the ride", says Tama boy! That's pretty much of most everything goes doesn't it? Just got to learn to trust the process and let the rest flow where it's suppose to go! Maybe... right? #trustthebum 👶🏽✌🏾🌊photo: @colbych XO

When you're everything is on point 👶🏽🐾🤙🏾. We got Little P over here regulating the parking lots and demonstrating that life is just simply better in diapers! Especially denim ones;). Go you little man! With #babybum @letoto3 XO

When you're smiling...the whole worlds smiling with you! 🌴💛☺️Such a rad pic by #raddad @jjo_photo of his sweet wifey and little one! (Love how the small Palm tree even looks like a nose)! Sending extra smiles your way.✌🏾 #spreadthelove #babybum

Making friends with the locals and officially best friend for liiiife! 👶🏽🐶Puppy love maxing out at 💯! Curious... are you a dog or a cat person and why! ;)

Share the Shaka! 🤙🏾HAPPY EASTER 🐣and much love from us to you! Thanks for all your good vibes always! 👊🏽XO #spreadthelove #sharetheshaka #babybum. 📷 @danielwongikim

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