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Ronnie Rey  For booking contact BigHev: 408-687-3501 Tap here ⬇ for latest video Vamonos

"Vamonos" video is live on Vevo! For full vid tap link in bio! Drop a comment on Vevo comment section.

"YOU MITE THINK YOUR FOOLIN HER.. BUT SHE MITE BE FOOLIN YOU"... #chooseWise good morning yall. @martyobey

That's just me tho! I must be more into Reality than Fantasy! Haha

"VAMONOS" video Featuring Bash & @therealfrankiej comes out Tommro!! 8pm from the "Frankie & Bash Album" #SANGRIA watch the Whole Video Tommro! Share this for me and stay Tapped In with Us!

Would you want your Daughter to act like the females you check out on the Gram? Have a baby with someone you'd want your Daughter to Look up too! (And Vice a Versa for your Sons) pick the wrong one you and your child could end up Fucked!!

Just Found Out we in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Bay.. wit Ashanti DMX Suga Free and more.. August 25th.. yee.. #Vibe

When you get caught with your Side Bia on National TV!! Look At Ol Buddy! Lol

Boston Mass..#TheLegalizers @paulwallbaby we will b at the #FreedomRally on Sept.17th. We will b spreading the Love with @californiafinest_official packs.. #LightUp

My primo @mexicansociety Just Survived a Big Stroke!! Paralyzed his Lefy side! Any of you Lazy Muh Fuggaz Complainin bout some Bullshit! Y'all Just Some Bloody Pussies! Get it how you Earn It! This Man Still Handles his! And he's just had a Stroke! What's your Excuse for being A Malnutrition Lazy Trick!! Grow Some Hogg Nuts and Quit tryin to find a low self esteem Beezy to live off of!! Step On your Own Gas Pedal and Get at Smashin! (Ain't nothing wrong with a grown man having a Job!! That's not Square shit takin care of yours!! It's Square Shit if you AINT takin care of yours)

Out here in Orlando and this tall guy on Stilts takes a Selfie with me and Prezz in the Background!! #Hello #Cookies

They gotta be related tho!

Here's a Sneak Peek for my my Fly Folks Holdin it Down!! #SANGRIA Tha @therealfrankiej and Bash Album Touches Down Oct. 20th! (finally) #ReturnOfThaFlyshit @ghazi @empire #UltraSaucyMexicans (Vamonos Video comes Out Next week) spread the Good Word to your Fly Folks! Gracias! #WeAreBack #SmokinTropical @californiafinest_official @golden_state_banana #CherriePie

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