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Meeka, Jackson & Michael  Watch these best friends grow up together! 👻SNAPCHAT: babyandthebull

I love his love for ALL animals. He wanted to told him close to his body because he thought he was cold lol he goes “I’m warmin’ him.” He is so gentle and sweet with his little rats and with Meeka too 😉 When I go to pick up one of the rats, he’s like “careful, mommy, careful! They are little!” Then he makes me kiss them 😆
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The day after we brought Susaw home, MJ wanted to take him out of his cage and play with him. I decided to let them play in the bathroom because the bedroom has too much furniture and little spots that Susaw can hide in/behind/under. I made sure the bathtub and sink drains were plugged, the toilet seat was down and I had a towel underneath the door so he couldn’t slip under the door. MJ sat down and I put Susaw in his lap then I turned around for maybe 3 seconds to make sure the towel was 100% blocking the door. Then MJ says “oh no! Susaw! Mommy! He ran in the hole!” ...what hole? There’s no I lay down on my stomach and see a tiny crack between the wall and baseboard underneath the bathroom cabinets. Well that’s just great. There was absolutely NO way I could get to him. No way at all. I went to 9 different stores trying to find live rat traps...I wanted to make sure we caught him but didn’t want to kill the little guy in the process. He has managed to avoid all the traps. Since he’s been missing, I make sure to keep the bottom of the bathroom door blocked so he can’t get into other parts of the house. I made sure to keep food for him inside the traps and I make sure that we ALWAYS keep the toilet seat down because I didn’t want him to somehow fall in and drown.
Well, I woke up around 2 am (my tooth has been bothering me and the pain woke me up) so I decided to go in the bathroom and check the traps. Still no Susaw. Then I decided to go pee since I was already in there. I look at the toilet....the seats up. Someone forgot to put it down. Whoops. I look in the toilet and I see Susaw floating vertically. He must have been in there for a while because there was a lot or rat poop in the toilet and the poor guy lost every ounce of fight and energy he had in him. I picked him up and wrapped him in a towel. I tried to feed him but he couldn’t even keep his eyes open...I honestly didn’t think he was going to make it. So as of now, I’ve been up for about an hour and a half trying to warm him up and help him feel better. He’s finally eating 🙂
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We got a new addition in the household. A baby pet rat, which MJ has been wanting for a long time. I let MJ name him and he created the name Susaw (like “seesaw” but with U instead of E). I have one very happy little boy.
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