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I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee so I rolled out of bed and did the half awake/half asleep zombie walk to my bathroom. I turned the light on, which blinded me, and made my way to the toilet with my eyes squinting 3/4 of the way closed while they tried to adjust to the light. Half of a second after I sat down, it clicked *WTF...did I just see something in the toilet? No, it can’t be...My tired brain is just imagining things* so I peek down into the toilet (still sitting on it) and see this creature which obviously gives me a damn heart attack. I scream, jump up, trip over my shorts that were around my ankles, and fall into the bathtub. At this point, I am stuck in the bathtub, laying on my back with my legs stuck up in the air, like a turtle that has rolled over onto his shell...and I kind of just want to stay laying there because I am too scared to move. Once I gathered the courage to get up, I pulled my shorts back up so I could be properly ready to kill a lizard creature. I slowly tip-toe over to the toilet and see this. Yes, it is plastic. Yes, I was pranked by my 3 year old.
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