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Baby Bathwater  🤝Adventures into entrepreneurial reality - masterminds, conferences, COMMUNITY. ⚡️Next event: Croatia, June 6-10 👇Apply today!

“Hell! There ain’t no rules around here! We are tryin’ to accomplish somep’n!” -Thomas Edison
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Come solo, with a business partner, or your significant other.
This community is a family and we welcome you to join us with yours!
Check the link in bio to apply for the Croatia event on June 6-10! #morebaby #lessbathwater

#BabySpotlight: Meet @ronnylynchkillsme ⚡Ron is co-founder of Bonfire Enterprises, President and Founder of Big Baby Agency, and the Creative behind 3 person start-up @gopro. He's led over 300 product launches and 70 brand launches and amassed direct attributable sales of 4 billion dollars since 2001.

Ron will be joining us in Croatia, June 6-10 as one of our speakers! In two 90-minute sessions, he will be teaching us....

• How to define the success of your creative
• The four elements required for a successful product video marketing
• How to create an actual creative brief the entire company’s left and right hemispheres can use
• The psychology of script preparation
• How to Breakdown and deconstruct a successful Direct Response Video
• The psychological framework to build your own sales argument
• Assessing the first segment of your video
• Creating 60 minute spots out of your main video
• How to connect the “Big Idea” to your audience and creative team

....and so much more!

Want to join the party? Check the link in our bio to apply! #morebaby #lessbathwater

Today's to-do list: RELAX TO THE MAX
Choose your own adventure on #BabyBathwaterIsland!

Want to learn how to uplevel your biz? Connect with the world’s sharpest entrepreneurs?
Relax by the sea solo?
It's entirely up to you!

Check the link in bio to apply for the Croatia event on June 6-10! #morebaby #lessbathwater

"I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours." - Hunter S. Thompson
Plenty to learn when you're trapped on a luxurious Island with the world's sharpest entrepreneurs for FIVE WHOLE DAYS muahaha
Hit the 🔗 in bio to get involved!
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Beats a business card. Cheers to a good time! 🍻 Make sure you grab a spot for the next #babybathwater event! Check the link in bio to apply. #morebaby #lessbathwater

#BabySpotlight: Meet @jack.allocca ⚡Neuroscience Research Fellow in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at The University of Melbourne, Australia.
Jack will be joining us in Croatia, June 6-10 as one of our speakers! He'll be teaching us what psychedelics to use for peak performance and how to expand our brains through better pharmacology.
Sound like your type of business conference? Open your mind and check the link in our bio to apply! #morebaby #lessbathwater

@cameron.herold and @justinchristianson’s faces when they find out you haven't applied for the Croatia island takeover! The expressions say it all..... trust us, you won't want to miss this one. 😉 Link in bio to apply. #morebaby #lessbathwater

Best feeling? Jamming with other entrepreneurs who "get it". 😉 #morebaby #lessbathwater

As our member and friend @jesseelderlive would say..... "You have nothing to hide, and nothing to prove." .
Have you applied to set sail for our Croatia Island Takeover from June 6-10? Unlimited booze, incredibly company, friendships that last a lifetime... all that's missing is you. 😉
Link in bio to apply! #morebaby #lessbathwater

Is moon-gazing on a private island in Croatia, June 6-10 on your bucketlist? It should be. 😉 👉 Click the link in the bio to apply for our Island Takeover! #morebaby #lessbathwater

#BabySpotlight: Meet @garrettbgunderson ⚡Chief Wealth Architect at Wealth Factory and author of the NY Times bestseller, Killing Sacred Cows.
Garrett will be joining us in Croatia, June 6-10 as one of our speakers! He'll be teaching us how to benefit and navigate the new tax plan, how to boost your cash flow by at least 20 percent by being charitable and still leave money behind for generations to come... and giving away free copies of his book to our members: “The Five Day Weekend: The Freedom To Make Your Life and Work Rich with Purpose” 🙌
You won't want to miss out on this one! Check the link in our bio to apply. #morebaby #lessbathwater

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