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BABOR USA  NASHVILLE AMP’d x BABOR Empowerment, diversity, and confidence. Shop our new limited-edition Perfect Glow Amps!

✨ GIVEAWAY ✨You've been an important part of our empowerment journey -- and we want to share our #nashvilleampd beauty ampoules to empower YOUR skin. Tag a friend below and tell them how they've empowered you to be entered to win a four week supply of our must-have ampoules for you AND your friend. Up to 5 entries. Contest ends 9/28 by 4 pm PST; Open to continental USA; 18 and over.

"You can’t love others well if your well is dry. For me, self care is about taking care of myself enough that I have something to give to those around me." - @kelleighbannen #nashvilleampd #beauty #selfcare #empowerment #babor

"This Perfect Glow Ampoule is amazing -- it's perfect for illuminating and moisture... and just really getting that beautiful glow. You can see there's already this luminous tint to it so it's just incredible for that glow that everyone wants. It's ALL of this concentrated goodness that you want is in this tiny little ampoule! " - @tarryndfeldman for #BABOR #nashvilleampd #makeupartist #skincare #county

“I feel that honesty and living your truth is beauty to me because, in a world of social media and the pressure that we all feel to show us living our best lives, sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. Being open with that you never know who you’re touching - - and that to me is beauty when you can sit there and admit your flaws.” - @mickeyguyton #BABOR #nashvilleAMPD #skincare #country #beauty

8 drops away from beautiful smooth skin. #nashvilleampd #BABOR #facialoil #skincare

“It’s why we take time to potions and these lotions on our skin, and make ourselves feel good because it’s a feeling… it’s about loving on yourself and making yourself feel beautiful and in return giving that out to the world.” - @sosarahanne #babor #nashvilleampd #skincare #country #empowerment

Meet @marifandl -- one of the incredible artists behind Nashville AMP'd -- as she shares her trade beauty secrets for musicians on the road. #nashvilleampd #babor #skincare #beautysecrets #makupartist

“I love the things about my face that aren’t classically beautiful or whatever flawless is supposed to be. I love my flaws.” - @candicarpenter, Nashville Recording Artist #nashvilleampd #babor #empowerment #skincare

Giving skin of all textures, ages, and colors a perfect glow since 1956. #babor #nashvilleampd #glow #nashville #ampoule

“Beauty empowers me in so many ways. I can look at myself in the mirror and feel like I’m a woman. I get to do what I love. And I get to walk out of myself feeling strong and confident and beautiful. Having that kind of power in your heart? It’s relentless. Nothing can stop you.” - @lindsayell #nashvilleampd #babor

The 7 ampoules your skin needs for the "perfect glow". Tap to shop. #nashvilleAMPD #babor #askformore #glow

"Sometimes people think that if you care about beauty that you're a little bit superficial, but for me I feel best when I'm taking care of myself and I feel that self care is such an important thing." - @kalieshorr #nashvilleampd #askformore #babor #glow #selfcare

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