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Babies In Waiting Brentwood  Mummy to two tiddlywinks and a Hypnobirthing practitioner teaching Mummies-to-be and their partners how to birth beautifully πŸ’œπŸ‘­πŸ’œ

I had a lovely surprise waiting for me upon arriving home after a full on afternoon feeding animals and jumping on bouncy pillows with the tiddlywinks...a beautiful gift from a lovely couple I recently taught.

They make a great team and have just had their first baby, born beautifully at home with no pain relief or intervention. All down to learning Babies in Waiting hypnobirthing and practicing the techniques and becoming confident that birth CAN be positive. And it was - they are so happy and chuffed!
Congratulations Mummy and Daddy! And thank you! x

I taught a lovely session three yesterday afternoon with an expectant lady, her partner and her Mum. We talked about that incredible moment you meet your baby for the first time, have skin to skin and cherish the moment. It was beautiful to hear the Mum talk of when she met her daughter for the first time, and soon she will meet her daughter's child. What an incredible way to bond!

I then had a lovely eve with my special Mum at the theatre. Hurray...feel very lucky.

Happy Thursday all! x

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The Essex Mums Awards are open for nominations. For all of you that we have had the pleasure in meeting, please spend a minute to vote for us.
Awards like this mean a lot to local businesses - thank you for all your support!

Best Baby Class and Best Support Group - link in bio x

#hypnoborthing #pregnancyrelaxation #support x

A very happy 40th birthday to my hubby Mr @babiesinwaitingbrentwood! We are all off to Southwold for a weekend of fish & chips, walks on the beach and ice cream. Here's to a fantastic birthday Captain (you Babies In Waiting hypnobirthers understand!), and lots more adventures together!
Happy Bank Holiday to you all! May it be a happy and restful one x


This week is importantly known as 'Maternal Mental Health Matters Week'. At Babies in Waiting, we support and nurture couples through their journey from potential fear and anxiety surrounding pregnancy and birth, to inspire confidence and excitement for this incredible chapter in their life.
Pregnancy brings many changes to a woman and her partner - we wholeheartedly support the idea of being β€˜there for her’ πŸ’œ x


Look at this lovely couple who have just completed the Babies in Waiting hypnobirthing course in preparation for meeting their beautiful baby!

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β€’ β€’ β€’
We are absolutely loving teaching the Babies in Waiting antenatal course to @naomiella21 and @jordbanjo at the moment. We are so excited to be a part of their wonderful pregnancy journey. Jordan and Naomi are set to have a beautiful birth #babiesinwaiting #babybanjo #hypnobirthing #pregnancyrelaxation #essex #pregnant #havingababy #naturalbirth #naturalpregnancy #lifestyle #healthylifstyle #instababies #instadaily #instapic #healthylifestyle #celeb

For those that have enjoyed the Babies in Waiting hypnobirthing course, you will know that the birth partner plays a huge and integral role on baby's birthday. I could not have had my two amazing births without my 'captain' by my side. He encouraged me, he protected me and he supported me during the two most beautiful experiences of my life!

My captain has taken me out today to celebrate my upcoming birthday, and we are having a FAB time. Fact du jour: I LOVE Meat Loaf!! Happy weekend folks x

Afternoon all, at a farm today with Nanny looking at the beautiful newborn lambs, and it reminded me that I have one space left on my Babies in Waiting hypnobirthing course starting on 17th April at 7.30pm. This is such a fantastic antenatal course of 4 sessions covering the special techniques of hypnobirthing, removing the fear surrounding birth, the physiology of a woman's body and how it births, the stages of labour, how a partner can have an important role and birth plans to name but a few! These sessions are very informal and relaxed and I absolutely love teaching them! Please contact me with any questions or if you'd like to book!

#babiesinwaitingbrentwood #babiesinwaiting #hypnobirthing #pregnancyrelaxation #babiesbornbeautifully #family #brentwood #blackmore #iusedtobescaredofbirthandnowiloveit #knowledgeispower #birthwithoutfear

@totality_hf used these TRX straps in our fitness session yesterday...first time I have used them and I loved it!
A week in Spain falling headfirst into tapas and icecream meant I was ready for it!

Having time to yourself is so important and these 30minute sessions are ideal to squeeze into busy schedules. Feeling good is so important for your mindset...especially when you are hoping to become pregnant, are expecting and once baby has arrived.

Thank you Helen, from me and my gluteus maximus!

So today is 'National Siblings Day'...which is very fitting, as I spent the afternoon with my lovely little brother toasting my dear Dad. Happy Birthday Dad and here's to my super brother.
I look at my little ladies each day and I'm very thankful for them...I also hope they grow to become best friends and are always there for eachother.
Happy Siblings Day everyone! x

What a difference from yesterday to today - eating watermelon on a sunny beach in Spain to a rainy and very muddy walk in Blackmore πŸ‰πŸ¦β˜” Looking forward to pregnancy relaxation this evening...will be much needed after spending a lot of time with the washing machine today!
Happy week all x


I hope you are all having a lovely and indulgent Easter Sunday...and there is still fun to be had tomorrow!

Happy Easter from my littlest bunny to you all. Her elder sister is faster than a whippet and though bedecked in ears, a tail and carrying a basket, I could not get a photo of her #duracellbunny

#babiesinwaitingbrentwood #hypnobirthing #pregnancyrelaxation

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