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Jenni  Wool loving, animal mad mum who likes to dabble in photography. A diary of life on our hobby farm in the tropics, Far North Queensland, Australia.

I'm loving my new rain chain I set up. Much better than no down pipe that hubby was going to fix for me! Off to get some guppies for the new fish pond underneath it 🐟❀️🐟 #watertherapy

Want to make gorgeous Pom Pom's and learn to screen print? Check out this awesome giveaway by @pom.maker and @bobbin.hood over in Instagram. I know I'm lessening my chances of winning if you all enter but it's just too good to miss! 😘 #pompom #screenprint #giveaway

Honky Tonk and the girls are all in the front paddock together now and my cows are back up the top paddock (much to their delight!). Should make feeding time a little easier as Honky likes to boss the girls and try to eat their food too. I can lock him up in this paddock for his feed and let Gemma and Molly finish theirs in peace. #hobbyfarmdramas #miniaturedonkey #miniaturepony #Gemma #Molly #HonkyTonk

Late night Valentine creations are a must when it's also eldest's Birthday. 16yrs! Where did that time go? ❀️❀️❀️ #valentinesforthewholefamily #birthdayboy #mrprintablestemplates

I combed out some dreads! (because I can't comb out Milo's anymore) Very cathartic 😁 #dreads #fringe #bangs #50moreshadesofjenni

Sadly we lost Milo to colic this weekend. So awful to have our fur babies in pain and unable to tell us where it hurts. The vet came twice but in the end I had to make every horse owners hardest decision. We will miss you little guy, you were such a happy character πŸ™πŸ»βœ¨πŸ’™ #sosad

Not lovely frog spawn but big ugly cane toads. I don't know how he can pick it up 😝 #summerinthetropics #stormseason #canetoadeggs

Roast pumpkin, cumin, cheese, polenta and flax savoury muffins. I used a Sarah Wilson @iquitsugar packet and I just added the pumpkin and cheese. They smell great! #eathealthy

Bugger! I've had this dinner service almost 30 years and this is the first piece I've broken. I use it everyday day too so I guess it had to happen sometime 😭#lovemyplates #mikasaintaglio

Mr Green Frog likes my bonsai azalea and has been singing to us all night 🐸 #greenfrog #stormseason #heissoloud

A quiet walk and some welcome solitude at Lake Eacham this morning after a stressful rush to get the boys back to school. My thoughts are with youngest, hoping he has a good start at his new school. #morningwalk #lakeeacham #backtoschool

Thank you for all the kind words my friends. There are rainbows all over my kitchen this evening, bringing me the light βœ¨πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ