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Celebrating 5 years today with this handsome guy! I've loved every bit of it, and I love every bit of him. (and Josie) 💜☺️

happiness so pure as this, is surely worth the making

the sweetest weenie in all the land

thinking good thoughts for this sweet lil bug today ❣🐞who needs their gallbladder anyways?

All of the presents in the world wouldn't make me as happy as these two do. Merry Christmas from my lil phamily ☺❣

he is vengeance... he is the night... he is 23!!!! (i still like you don't worry) Happy birthday to my babe, i hope it's as cool as you 😘😘

sweeeeeet josephine... la la laaaa sleeping never looked so cute

the more the weenier

look at that face, how could I ever say no?? truly, truly honored (and overly ecstatic) to be able to be there for my sweet Cait on her special day! and yes those are tissues in my box- she knows me too well. #pipgetshitched

today marks 4-years with my sweet, curly-headed man!! meanwhile I'm still head over heels & I still have an embarrassingly large crush on you.......but I'm endlessly grateful for your unwavering love for me. I love growing with you, loving, laughing, & just being with you more than anything, and it just gets better by the day 🤓 I love u more than anything u goofball

we did it again!! 3rd panic show in a week- we know how to party. #wsmfp in chatt @nadyelsneh @widespreadpanichq

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