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If you like the sound of this song which is called "Purple Pineapple" you should listen to it again on SoundCloud or YouTube. Just search Jimmy The Human and you'll find more great music from @jimmy.the.human including his new song "Conscious". But make sure you have that shit on full blast when you play his music and tell your friends and family to listen to him too.

This is my girlfriend Marissa and my best buddy Pudge. Marissa's hobbies include making me milkshakes, scratching my head, yelling at me, and watching me play FIFA and Rocket League. Pudge enjoys whipped cream, sleeping, cleaning the dishes before they go in the dishwasher, stealing my spot in bed, and going between people's legs for a good butt scratch. Pudge is also extremely spoiled and gets whatever he wants. He has his own Instagram too because apparently my girlfriend thinks he is cuter than I am.

Go check out my boy Jimmy the Human's newest song "Lesson Learned" on SoundCloud. The link to his profile is in my bio!!

Everyone go listen to @jimbiscuit4 new song "Blinded" on Soundcloud! More songs coming soon so stay tuned! Link to his profile https://soundcloud.com/user-931455969 #Human

Central Ohio's Soccer Specialists

"Two shots of Fireball please, someone just turned 40"

Silent in the trees

How week 15 has me feeling


When it's only week 11...

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