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Becky Foster  22 | odd | CA


• anotha day with my favorite dime •

• because nothing beats being yourself •

• free yourself, be yourself •
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• little gifts •

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! I've literally only chilled with you like twice and one time was to see getter and you are just so kind and sweet I hope you have Great day!

• take 37 •

• paralyzed panda •
Thank you for making lunch! It was so tasty I'm so glad I got see you love you bunches 💕

• its Father's Day and we all know what that means •
Thanks for being a rad dad love you old man 💕

• new shades, nude face •

• stolen •
PC: @misssugarman

• get it like getter •
For a small reminder of why I love him, this is for you! Keep working hard and things will happen thank you @getter

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