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JOSH KUHNE  👑Phresh Ink ⚡️Tattoo 🇦🇺 Travel 🥊 Destroy ❤️ @amy_kuhne $tealth is Wealth..

Incase you missed it.
This is the collaboration tattoo made with @dustin_tattooism in the studio @phreshink thanks @wthelijah for sitting so well!
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☔️Early morning work with the boys. #cheeehooo 🥊

Such a rad day out in Nimbin yesterday. Thanks @3rddd_i for having me help paint #troutopia Unfortunately we got rained out pretty early so we will have to head back and make another day smashing this place properly! ☔️

Yesterday’s continuation of a full leg in progress.
It’s a bit of a style mash but I think it works 🤷🏽‍♂️
⚡️ @phreshink ⚡️ @radiantcolorsink

Biggie biggie biggie can’t you see, sometimes I do tattoo of OGs.
Peep this collaboration tattoo I made a few weeks back with @dustin_tattooism Whilst here was here on a guest spot. 💥 @phreshink 💦 @radiantcolorsink

Thanks @wthelijah For sitting so well and letting us do our thing. 👊🏾

This memory popped up on Facebook the other day, 6 years ago I set out to open the biggest and baddest tattoo studio the Gold Coast had seen. I knew it would be a challenge and that I was going to be met with endless problems, I also knew that certain people would not be very happy and try to make things hard for me but young and ambitious I didn’t give a fuck!
I stayed staunch, I worked hard and I never gave up.
Yeah I made mistakes and yes I got burnt along the way, I nearly went broke and I even broke down into tears some days. Looking at the development of the @phreshink and how far it has come. Today I give myself a pat on the back as it’s now recognised as thing I have amounted most to. .
I would like to thank each and every person that has been apart of this journey and supported in any way, from the artists, barbers and staff who have worked here and who still do. To the clients who have trusted ya to give you the best service we can deliver and mostly to @amy_kuhne Who has been my rock and who still holds down the fort till this day.
From the bottom of my heart I have great graduate to all of you and the world
For keeping this movement in motion. ❤️🙏
Thank you... we are only getting started 🔥

This tattoo would have definitely been my favourite from last year, I done a series of what I called anarchy style tattoos. 🔥🔥🔥
⚡️@phreshink 💧@radiantcolorsink 👉I found the message is pretty clear but I would like to hear what you make of it?

Is it still 4/20? I don’t know, but I’m still high.....🍁

When @khailtattooer caught these hands after outlet massive day pumping the Egypt proddy.
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