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Natalya  πŸŒ›6' Human, living amongst the giant Redwoods. 🌝Current resident of Humboldt County Californ-i-a. 🌜Livin the high life, all day er'day

Wowzers. My outdoor shower just tipped over from the strong gust of wind.. som crazy ass windstorm we have been having here the last few days.
And for some reason, I decided to park my car farther away than usual after coming back from the market a few hours ago. The water heater only barely scraped the Subie.
Oh my God. Thank you sweet Lord, Goddess.
The Earth is speaking.
She is raising Herself.
Calling us to listen.
All over the world.
I am listening sweet Mother.

<3 In my happy place <3 #firstdayofhalloween

My beautiful friend Chelo and I, finally getting to explore the #Luxor after days of 'trying' to get to it.
It was one of the most #magickal experiences of my life.
Such enriching, potent energy, and we got to hold space and delve into it!

On the road East.
The scenery is incredible.
Driving is so romantic 😍

Gobble gobble. #WildTurkeys

Last night's #sunset

My favorite part of my driveway πŸ˜πŸ’–

Ya know, just #chillaxing in my NEWLY created #garden!

The not-so naked #TheNakedGardener

😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍 omfg!!!
The dream bible for an herb nerd like meeeeeee!
Bday present from brother @rayray1124
Thank you so much brosef. This is dopeskies!

I adore this beautiful Goddess so much. Watched her evolve from near and far, and have kept her in my heart always. Im so grateful to have friends who i can go without seeing forever, and start up again like nothing.
She has been an incredible teacher to me on this journey. She is kind and genuine and has SO much love in her heart to share with the world. I am so grateful to have met her Halloween 2011, it was totally in the cards for us, cuz she wasn't even supposed to be at that club that night!
Our conversations are usually about what we have experienced since we last saw each other, and let me tell you, the convos get better and better every time! So much more inner freedom, from the both of us. So much more self love, from the both of us... So much more of our TRUE selves! I am so proud of the women we are allowing ourselves to naturally evolve to, what a beautiful process!

What a treat to be around this gorgeous Goddess. Haven't seen this woman in almost 12 years. Last time I saw her was on her birthday in 2006, and now we reunite on my birthday in 2017.
She was a BIG reason, if not the main, why i didn't end up committing suicide - I moved to the small town of McKinleyville from the big city of L.A. when I was barely starting High School and it was the biggest culture shock of my life.
We had gone through some of the toughest shit together, which only made us stronger. I am grateful to get to hold this beautiful human in my arms again.
She allowed me to fully be my weird quirky self and I allowed her the same. It was such a beautiful friendship, filled with safety and love. I am beyond myself to have the opportunity to open myself up to her, yet again, this time, in a totally raw way.
I love you Mandy Smith, and I am grateful to you, and for your friendship and love and acceptance of me, FULLY.

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