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Benjamin Canizales  La vida es bella. • "The Gospel is not reformation, decoration, or renovation. It is liberation." - Reinhard Bonnke



Taken in the middle of nowhere #newmexico. Busted out the #zomei Wide Angle+Circular Polarizer+Pano. SO MUCH VAST EXPANSE. Shoutout to random country boy who pulled over cause he saw our car pulled over & assumed we had #carstrugz. #nawbro #justgettindashot

Does anyone have any fisheye distortion fix apps? @olloclip #app has been trippinn 🙄


*Yawn...y'all gettin tired of these #rockymountains #latergrams? 😛🙃👀

#sunset #drivebyshooting with a 300mm. 🤙🏽 #nofilter just a natural edit.

🏉 "Uncle Rico" 🏈

2 stop 3 photo HDR from my #canon. #backlitstrugz Editing process was a little different since I already had a natural edit done from the #hdr merge. Didn't have to go through #Snapseed first.


Got a couple more #glorious #mountain & #landscape shots from CO. Thought about glitching this. Thought about posting it rotated. #iono



3 things: finally got to the #coloradosprings photos from a little over a month ago in which I busted out my new #zomei 3-In-1 mobile photo lens. Can't beat a #circularpolarizer + a #wideangle + dat #pano #landscape flow. 👌🏽💪🏽I think I might post panoramics more like this.





⭐️"City Staredown"👀

One from the @artscouncilokc #artfestival. I try to capture the feeling of an environment in the shot. Hopefully you get funky good vibes ✌🏽🕺🏽.


Because I realized I never posted a pic from #winterjam, always have an endless black hole of #latergrams, & like fillin my feed with #concertshots 🤷🏽‍♂️🍹🐸

🌆 "New OAK" ☁️

#sunsets always #nextlevel in #okc


@kingskaleidoscope @ @citizens_saints killed it at this venue that could double as the lost cousin of #theconservatory or dare I say @89thstreetokc 😜👌🏽

⏳"A Novel Told By Sand" ⌛️

I've been sitting on this one for awhile, so no process pics either cause I just need to get it out & move on. Do y'all dig the process posts? Anyways, 10pts to whoever can guess where this #stainedglass is at. 🕵️

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