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Benjamin  Gal 2:20 | Play real time sports against your friends, celebs, & athletes on the Firefan app. 😎🏈🏀⚾️ benjamincanizales.com


🐺"WLFPCK"🔥 Small theaters make cool venues.

🌀"1.61803398875"🌀 AKA #thegoldenratio or as my buddy would say, "Sacred Geometry." 😎

🔼 "Towers of Powers" ⬆️ Besides the #glitche editing on the left side, this spot in #downtown #dallas is framed by the surrounding buildings when one simply looks up.

"The problem in all of these scenarios is that we need the horizon.  Something outside of ourselves that can tell us, without question, which way is up and which way is down.  Of course we need each other too.  But without a horizon, even the guidance of other people can be dangerous. Like a sloping shack on a slanted hill, we are all bent, tilted, fighting the gravitational distortion that surrounds us.  At the start of a new tour, and the beginning of a new year, I’m highly aware of my need for the horizon.  Daily.  I need constant course corrections or I’ll find myself standing at an angle without even realizing it.  I’m by no means an expert in this stuff, but I know that for me there are certain constants that point me towards the horizon: prayer, scripture, nature, caring for others, art that is beautiful and true, and the wisdom of others who have proven themselves as dependable guides.  I’m also aware of the things that spin me around: the opinions of others, social media, fear, doubt, self-reliance, pride.  The most noticeable difference to me between these two groups is this: the first group is all outward-focused, while the second group is focused entirely on myself.  When I’m focused inwardly on myself, I ALWAYS lose the plot.  People often ask us how they can pray for us.  Well here’s one: my prayer for this year is to spend more time staring at the true horizon Himself, and less time worrying about me." – Tim

⛩"Gateway"🛣 Check out the Gateway Arch STL page! They reposted this image.


🍭"Intestines of a Sound Machine" 🍭

Anyone remember fruit roll ups?

❄️"Glass & Ice"🎨 One from the Friday "Ice Storm" when I was being a sleepy extra in the filming of @icanonlyimaginemovie Almost got ran over by homeboy pulling into a parking spot in front of me, when there were 10 other empty ones around him. 🙄