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Benjamin Canizales  La vida es bella. • "The Gospel is not reformation, decoration, or renovation. It is liberation." - Reinhard Bonnke



Smooth seas don't make good sailors. —
Got to check out some of the extended parts of the #OKC canal that go towards @riversportokc on a date night with my girl 👌🏽😎🔥

#datlightdoe #seeokc #myoklahoma #igersokc #chasinglight

👀"Eye in the Sky" 🎡

$2 entrance? ✅
Cheese curds? ✅
An intense circus? ✅
Baby girl on my arm? ✅
Pig races? ✅
Squad on deck? ✅
Okie sunsets? ✅
Ferris wheel? ✅
Shark tank? ✅
Root beer? ✅
Pronto dog? ✅
Live local music? ✅
Agtropolis? ✅
Bigger vibes? ✅
Better people? ✅
Best times? ✅

#OkStateFair #seeokc #myoklahoma


I love when there's new music that takes me awhile to digest because it's so rich lyrically, musically, & sonically - @kingskaleidoscope Y'all always come through. 🔥🔥

Listen to Sometimes Phoenix & Safe Retreat y'all. Link to the first song in the bio.

I'll hide in Your safe retreat
Hide in Your safe retreat
When the storm clouds fly
'Til they pass me by
I will hide in Your safe retreat

None of this is wasted
Still becoming who we are
Ordinary people
Extraordinary scars
From a million places
Like a million shooting stars
We belong to hope now
Heaven isn't all that far


Tell me your favorite thing about #burritos.

⛱"B.B. LYFE"🏝

Hello all. Had some time amongst the business of life to do some edits. I'm so behind that this coincidentally is unrelated to the current weather situation; it's just a throwback to #laredo & the fam reunion. Wasn't actually gonna post it 'cause I wasn't feelin it, but lookin back on it months later gave me a different perspective on it. Fun fact: I'm a big #palmtree fan. Y'all are also gonna get 2 more posts tonight...✋🏽👍🏽👊🏽 No process photos though 🤷🏽‍♂️ #lightninground


Obligatory #solareclipse post. Had 84%ish #totality. It was a struggle to get a good photo with no before hand research lol. Wish I would've raised my ISO to find the sun, & then zoomed into 300mm. 🤷🏽‍♂️ (This was taken at 100mm cause I kept on not being able to find it) —
Y'all should check out the Nikon post on my bio for some cool crowd sourced shots. (Not a plug - I shoot Canon) —
How'd my photo fiends do out there?

🎊¡SA Ese! 🎉

The editing for this was all over the place. 🙈 Scroll through to see other versions. There was also a stupid window smudge, that I got rid of with a clone of the city lol. Not bad though considering the 5 sec window (pun intended 😉) to take this shot on the highway.

💪🏽"Soul Preservers"🌉

Y'all I can't shake this verse. "But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls." 🔥🔥🔥
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭10:39‬

Taken somewhere in Guthrie, during wedding planning, when @breathtaking_grace took some random turn, down some random road, 'cause we were early (WHA!? 😛) & had time to kill. 😎 #views

👀"The BIG Picture"👁

@cesarhdezp Once told me that Iiked taking photos with lots of foreground/background elements, & you know what? I think he's right. 😎👌🏽🔥💯

If you haven't noticed, I'm playing catch up 😛 #sorrynotsorry

🌉"Air Force One"👞

I've realized I like cities with river #views & #suspension bridges. 👌🏽#enjoypeoria

👑 "Jesus Saves, Even Sinners Like Me." 🙏🏽


Taken in the middle of nowhere #newmexico. Busted out the #zomei Wide Angle+Circular Polarizer+Pano. SO MUCH VAST EXPANSE. Shoutout to random country boy who pulled over cause he saw our car pulled over & assumed we had #carstrugz. #nawbro #justgettindashot

Does anyone have any fisheye distortion fix apps? @olloclip #app has been trippinn 🙄

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