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김태형 | Kim Taehyung  I post BTS, and some Seventeen! Army and Carat here! "We are beautiful enough." - Kim Namjoon

The boys hit 6 million followers on Twitter!! They deserve all this love, I hope they know that. And the festa!! Can't believe it's been almost 4 years, I love them #BTS #2017BTSFESTA

Watching Seventeen for the past two years, I often forget that these boys are so young and off on their own. I often forget that they are pursuing their dreams in a place full of bad. I often forget. But I don't forget the way they have worked so so hard. I don't forget the fact that they cry, that they hurt. I don't forget the fact that they try to stay positive in the worse situations for us, I don't forget that of them. I am blessed and grateful towards these boys who have given us their tears, their sweat, their hopes, their dreams, their time and so much more. I am so proud of how far they've come, how they're making a name for themselves, everything, and I hope they never stop being the best. I hope these thirteen can be happy every single day knowing they are loved dearly. I promise I will never, ever stop loving them. Happy 2nd Anniversary Seventeenie!!! #SEVENTEEN #2YEARSWITHSEVENTEEN

School ended today despite not feeling like the last day. I'm actually quite happy yet not?! This school year I met amazing people and began talking to an old friend again, and I am just so thankful. To my best friend (you know who you are 😉), thank you for being my friend and dealing with me, my constant jokes, and so much more. I hope to be friends always, thank you again! I hope everyone has a great summer! #BTS #BANGTANSONYEONDAN

I haven't watched it yet and I won't be able to until later, but THE BOYS ARE BACK!!! EDIT: I WATCHED IT AND I AM SHOOK, MY BOYSSS #SEVENTEEN #AL1




I think I'm ready!! Beyond proud of these babes!! #BTS #BBMAS

I think I'm gonna drown myself in my tears tonight with sad vkook fics and anime, take my mind off of school 😂 #HOSEOK #NAMJOON

Finals are next week and I'm stressing 😂😭 #BTS #TAEHYUNG

Can't wait for the songs!! Jun and The8's duet!!! #SEVENTEEN #AL1

I'm pretty sure these aren't in order, but OUR BABES!!! #SEVENTEEN #ALONE

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