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방탄소년단 | BTS  I post BTS, and some Seventeen! Army and Carat here! "We are beautiful enough." - Kim Namjoon

It's like two a.m here and just got back from camping aaaaa. Next months gonna be a rush for me, new things to watch, a BTS COMEBACK, and school #BTS #TAEHYUNG

Going camping todayyy #HOSEOK #JUNGKOOK

I'm sadden by the fact that I have no anime to watch... No I really have a lot, but they can't reach the expectations after just finishing bnha!! #BTS #YOONGI

Wishing seventeen's real 17 a happy birthday!! I'm hoping everyday is filled with love and happiness! Thank you for working so hard along with the other twelve, and please don't get hurt too much! Happy Birthday Wonu!!! #HAPPYWONWOODAY #BEAUTIFULWONWOODAY

I don't usually read all, but Rolling Stone India's article of BTS was very well written. Loving BTS since the beginning, I am beyond proud of the seven, who have achieved so much in their short lives of which they have so much more to live. I am grateful to them who have given me words and happiness, knowledge and love. The seven are powerful both together and individually, and they're making a legacy now, and it'll live long after they're gone. #BTS

For some reason, Instagram isn't letting me post multiple photos at a time aaah #TAEHYUNG #BTS

I need to watch bon voyage thoughh #BTS #BANGTANSONYEONDAN

The boys work so hard. Hoping they get rest. [Photo by Vante] #HOSEOK #BTS

95 line are looking fine thoughh #JIMIN #TAEHYUNG

Jimin. I hope you know you are the sweetest and kindest whatever and however you are, please don't change that about yourself. Us, Armys, love you so much #JIMINYOUAREPERFECT #JIMIN

Worlds collide. #TAEHYUNG #JUNGKOOK

He looks like an adorable bunnyy #JUNGKOOK #BTS

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