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김태형 | Kim Taehyung  I post BTS, and some Seventeen! Army and Carat here! "We are beautiful enough." - Kim Namjoon

Reminiscing on the time I've been with them, I love them all so much #BEAST #HIGHLIGHT

Night everyone! Hope you all had or have a great day! #SEVENTEEN #JEONGHAN

They are so utterly adorable!! Throwback to House of Army! #BTS #BANGTANSONYEONDAN

I know it's late, but I just finished Kimi no Na Wa, and gosh I am drowning in my tears. I'm glad I finally watched it! #BTS #BANGTANSONYEONDAN

Namjoon and Jimin, they're looking at the world #RM #JM

I still very much love these photos of Taeeee and the boys for billboard nominationnn #BTS #TAEHYUNG

I'm so glad to see these boys having fun!!! #JIMIN #NAMJOON

Late and I feel horrible, but happy birthday to this cutie!!! I am wishing you the best in everything, and thank you so much for your hard work!! I hope today and everyday is a great one! #HAPPYMINGYUDAY #MINGYU

Glad they're back!! I can't say I don't miss Taehyun, but I'm happy for them all. The songs are beautiful and catchy, and I can't wait for more!! #WINNER #FATENUMBERFOUR

Honestly, seeing how famous BTS is getting in America, worries me. I mean I am so so happy and proud of them, but with that I can't help but worry about what's to come. I'm afraid something will happen to them, afraid that they'll want to become and do "better" in a way that is not theirs. They are being recognized by so many celebrities and people in America, and I guess what I worry about is that they'll be taken advantage of. I trust them, but I worry.

Wrote the worse essay today, aah well it's over now aha. Here's a little Suga for your day!! #SUGA #BTS

Even amidst it all, he is the happiest here

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