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Brianna Chavez Chacón  "She has what soul loves to flow into."

I don't share you very much, and it's not because I'm not proud of you-- I think it's more of a protective thing. Today is your second birthday, and I love how you love people. You're really bratty some days but so are your sisters (@_adrienne17 especially), and there's not a person you don't approach that you don't make smile. 💙 I love you, lil larva. Happy 2nd birthday. 🐛

Don't you worry, the kid is still soft as ever.

70s bb 🍒

I took myself on a 4 day date, and I feel good. Feel happy. Feel proud. A huge thank you to @m_geeeezy for opening up her home and for continuing to be lovely and good to me. Something has changed for me-- I don't know how it'll all shake it out, but I know it's gonna be good. 🐝

The quiet feels like knowing

Love yours, that's all. ❤

happy kid :)

🌻rant about Color🌻

This year was very much about recognizing my life for its color. I started this painting having no idea what it would be, and if you look close you'll see little hiccups that aren't smooth or planned looking-- I especially wanted to keep those (also it felt good to just do something for the first time in a while simply because I *wanted* to do it). I remember I used to get mad at myself for feeling so much; however, I can't help but be thankful that I do. Lower lows make for higher highs and deeper, brighter shades of yellow and blue and everything in between. I have been learning to accept myself for all that I am completely, and I'll allow myself to experience every bit of everything and I'll do that on my own terms.
Anyways, just some stuff I've been thinking about! I hope this painting makes you as happy as it makes me. ❤💛💚💙💜

I need more plays

This picture of my cute mama makes me so happy 😭💕

It feels so good to feel in color-- that's all I really ask for anymore.

the smallest things are so pretty to me, dude

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