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Brad Kelly  Father, 3 beautiful sons, skater dad , lover of music , veggie patching, skateboarding, art, and cold beer on a hot day 🤙

THE FIRE INSIDE!! I gathered enough fuel in Houston to keep this fire burning for ALONG time !! It was only fitting to give this board some special warpaint .SKATEBOARDING!, fuelled by the continuous amount of stoke spread by the people I’ve met along my journey.SKATEBOARDING!Handshakes followed by a small conversation sparking what will undoubtedly become life long friendships.SKATEBOARDING! The high fives an fist bumps that actually mean something. SKATEBOARDING! That feeling you get when you land ‘that’ elusive trick , echoed by the clap of your friends that are just as stoked as you. SKATEBOARDING! I LOVE SKATEBOARDING!! @streetplantbattalion #streetplantbattalion @streetplantbrand #streetplantbrand @jyelley6 @kaynehayes #trident #thebattaliontrifecta #thefireinside #art #griptapeart #iloveskateboarding #skateboard #weaponofmasscreation

There’s only 2 of these boards in Australia right now ,, mines set up an this one I gave to my mom .. most moms hang their kids university diplomas or some shit like that on their walls... my moms going to hang this instead hahah let’s face it Mom , this is way cooler than a diploma!! My mom is soooo stoked !!! @streetplantbrand @streetplantbattalion #streetplantbattalion #streetplantbrand #FMC @kaynehayes @jyelley6 @mikevallely @pennswood

The stoke is real !

Good times where had !!! Multiple times ha! Thanks to this man for always lookin out for me over here @jyelley6 @beantoothskateshop IT WAS REAL 👊

Airport FaceTime chats with this monkey

Miss this dude sooooo much !!! FMC


THE BOYS!!! ❤️🔱

THE STOKE IS REAL! Standing next to 2 of the best dudes I’ve met in my life ! @streetplantbrand @streetplantbattalion #streetplantbrand #streetplantbattalion 🔱

BBQ!!! Houston style !!! Delicious!

Houston!! I fuckin love this place !! @beantoothskateshop

Yo TEXAS!! I’m coming back !

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