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B-Radical Hill  ID born UT raised MT heart Beautiful wife & 4... Wait, 5 kids... 6!

There is something about walking past riding lawn mowers... I still get the urge Every... Single... Time...

#takenote we made it out for Date Night!

Gavin fell asleep snuggling with his new baby sister and Ellinore sure is getting a kick out of something. 😃

Baby #6 is here! And we're in love!

Ellinore Lynn Hill
Born 4/18/2017
4:44 pm
7 lb 6 oz
19" Long

Sunrise this morning overlooking Salt Lake Valley on the way to work. Fantastico!

Date Night... err... I mean "Shopping Spree Night" with my daughter Cailyn. She never has let me call it a "date" so we just go shopping and have fun with each other instead. 🤓 she's pretty fun to hang out with! #beautyandthebeast

@dislights thanks for the Totally Awesome prize from the 12k Giveaway!! I got home from my business trip to find the mail sitting on the counter and had to open it immediately!! My kids are all super jealous because I told them that this night light was going in mom and dads room... hahaha!!
#dislights #dislightsfave #dislights12kgiveaway #disney

Going home day sunrise from room 16-116 this morning. I'm feeling some major butterflies in my stomach as I think about seeing my sweetheart @anishahill after 7 days of being out of town on business. She's pretty much my favorite. This trip has tugged at my heart strings quite a bit while being gone this past week, somehow I was placed in the predicament of having to leave last week, 2 days after having received a pretty significant and life altering calling at church and having a wife that is due with baby #6 in 5 weeks. Despite the circumstances and needing to be away this week, things have all just fallen into place. There is a scripture I have read as part of my study each day that has given some great comfort and strength this past week: Alma 50:22 - "And those who were faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord were delivered at all times [...]" Almost home!!!

Sad Palm

Family carpet ride!! Stella invited me to Tinker Bell's dance party today, so Aladdin, the wife and kids all arrived by magic carpet. They had a blast listening to Splash Mountain music and flying around the room 🎶

I sure am grateful for this girl. She's pretty darn special to me. I love her smile, her hair, her snuggles, her laugh, her style and even her attitude. She made me a Dad for the first time 11 years ago, and it has been a joy to watch her grow and become what she is today! Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my one and only Cailyn Mae! This girl is a Disney FREAK, she loves anything and everything that as to do with creating. She is a very good reader and prefers reading books to everything except baking. I love you baby doll! #harrypotter #hermionegranger #expectopatronum #disneyfreak #wandsattheready

Took this stopped at a traffic light this morning. 🎶"Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!"🎶
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