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B.A. Gabrielle  💞 Fantasy Indie Author | JPN Translator | N3 Certified | #UnGracefulCat | #IrregularHeartbeat | #TheLifeTaker | New book release #July13! 💞

I'd like to announce #UnGracefulCat merchandise available for sale on @redbubble! Now you can dawn Amelia (and the stray cat) on graphic t-shirts, mugs, and posters! I'm going to be drawing a lot more, so look out for new editions in my portfolio. 😉

Good morning, everyone! I'm a little late because I had a lot of stuff to do yesterday (not to mention one of the apps I use for Instagram is no longer available! 😥) so I had to find some way to improvise. Luckily I found another new and amazing app that I use on my computer for the phone as well! Looks like my page is going to be upgraded! 💞

Answer: Amelia Fafnir from #UnGracefulCat! She's one year older now and she's got a new look to go along with it. What could this mean? #July13 #IWontAskForForgivness

Can you guess this character? Hint: her birthday is December 10! #Teaser #CharacterTeaser #BookTeasers #July13 #IWontAskForForgivness

"I won't ask for forgiveness." #Teaser #BookTeasers #July13 #IWontAskForForgivness

"I've been watching you." From 07 - Rose (Why have the pieces joined together to create such a cruel fate?) Sometimes you need a little humor to break through the tension. 💞

"I have never been bothered by those words before, but the cold tone of his voice chips at my heart." From 07 - Rose (Why have the pieces joined together to create such a cruel fate?) of #TheLifeTaker. 💞

"How can he smile at me when one of my own stole her away?" 07 - Rose (Why have all the pieces joined together to create such a cruel fate?) of #TheLifeTaker is now available to read for free on #Wattpad this Monday afternoon! 💞

When I was first joining @wattpad, I didn't know what to write. I was beginning to grow frustrated day by day to come up with a story to tell, but no matter how hard I thought, I couldn't. Thus I went to bed sulking the fact that I was unable to brew any worthwhile ideas.

That's when it hit me.

I had a dream—a very vivid one—that sparked at something in my mind. It was only one sentence, but it stuck with me: "What if a girl had the power to suffocate someone without touching them?" That's what jumpstarted #TheLifeTaker. On the brink of giving up, I had a dream as if being told, "Don't give up! Keep fighting!" And that's exactly what I did. I'm glad I didn't give up. I'm glad, and shocked, that so many people are enjoying this little story of mine. The praise still makes me a bit embarrassed (more like a lot, haha) but I'm over the moon at it.

So really, I just wanted to make this post (and limda pour my heart out ❤️) to say thank you for everyone who has read, looked at, or even told me that it's not pointless. I'm going to keep going no matter what. #FridayThoughts 💞

From 06 - Casper (You can't save everyone.) of #TheLifeTaker. It's free to read on #Wattpad. A slight throwback. I'm getting so close to finishing the latest chapter! 💞

Hello everyone. Sometimes life doesn't go as you plan it. 📚📝 I was set to release the newest chapter of #TheLifeTaker on April 1st, but something unexpected happened. Again, anemia acting up when I don't want it to. Unfortunately I missed the date and have to go back and edit it all over again... but I'm not upset.

Sometimes, like life, your story might veer off onto the wrong path. Because of that, some things you might have never thought of writing will come to you. That's why you shouldn't take your mistakes with shame—instead take them, improve upon them, and you'll see a world you never thought you would.

I can't share the newest one, but I'm hoping to share the revamped chapters with you all soon! #Tuesdaymotivation 💞

#HappyEaster🐰 and (#AprilFools!) to everyone! Isn't it odd how those two holidays decided to align this year? It's quite unusual surprise, but there's something exciting coming today. Just you wait! 📚📝 Now, onto today's quote. Killing off characters has to be one of my favorite things to do. It might sound odd but it gives other characters a lot of potential to grow—lots of character development, emotional scars, and new personalities have been born from killing 'em off.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Just because you can doesn't mean you must. Only do it when you absolutely have to—either for story purposes or character development. If you haphazardly kill them, you might find yourself in a hole you can't dig yourself out from and nobody wants that.

So remember: only kill characters when you must! 💞 #SundayMotivation

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