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B.A. Gabrielle  A young adult/romance/fantasy/paranormal book author who writes new adult on the side. I illustrate all my book covers and am an artist as well.


I love making strong characters, but I have to make the story move somehow. Ah, the internal conflict...

Here is an upgraded version of Carissa, Amelia's little sister from (Un)Graceful Cat! I re-drew her a few weeks ago. What do you think?

That "special surprise" is almost here! Look forward to it! (^_<)

I'm thinking of some rival ideas right now... Boys sure do fight over the stupidest things. Maybe I should write about a love triangle one day? (´・ω・`)

If my brother read my book, I'm sure he'd be able to tell right away which character he was. (´・ω・`)

I'm re-working on my last two published books because I know I can make it better! If I'm not satisfied with something, then I'll feel bothered about it forever. (-_-)

And reading. And eating... (^^)

I was stuck on a scene for two months until I shot up in bed in the middle of the night and yelled, "That's it!" ...Long story short, I didn't sleep that night. (。-_-。)

Ever since elementary school, books have always been one of my closest friends. (^^)

In my books? Yeah, I always have the three spices. ( ˘ω˘ )

Indie books have always been my favorite, but the authors I love never write sequels for them. That's one of the main reasons I became an indie author. I will always be sure to finish my stories for my readers, no matter how little or big a fambase I have! \(^o^)/

Which one do you prefer? (>_<)

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