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Azzy | YouTube Gamer  👑 | Queen of Awkward Situations 📍 | Toronto & Amsterdam 🎮 | business: 📺 | READING MEAN COMMENTS 👇🏼

My first Kingsnight experience! Thanks Amsterdam for an amazing night!

Youtuber exposed: you may have heard rumors that I am 100% made of chocolate. This is true, I am sorry I waited so long to tell you guys. But seriously, I want to wish everybody a happy Easter ❤️🐰 I might be far from my family but I never truly feel alone because I have all of your love and support. Enjoy your day and cherish your time with your family!

Thank you @dumpert for having us on the show! #reeten #dumpert

It was so amazing meeting you all this weekend in Amsterdam for #vidconamsterdam2017 and #Veed2017 ! Loved getting to know you all, playing games with you, or even just getting a hug ❤️ Moments like these really remind why I love what I do!!!! (SWIPE RIGHT TO SEE ALL THE PICS 😋)

All youtubers have assembled on this ark...we will now sail the seven seas and become the most fearsome pirates ever...or this might just be a boat party.... #vidconamsterdam2017 #deadlypirates

That face you make when he tells you he's the hero of time... but he's always late. #legendofzelda Also side note... do you prefer me as a brunette 💁🏻or as a blonde 💁🏼?

As I got older I’ve learned that people try and put you down in life, but if you have passion for something or you really want to do it then nobody but yourself can stop you. Don't let others tell what you can or can't do!

Today I have 800,000 reasons to be happy! 😃Thank you everyone for being part of my YouTube family and joining me on this amazing adventure! We all did this together ❤️😘

Atop my castle I can see all of Azzyland! Each stone represents a DNF in GTA...making this one of the largest castles in the known world.

While I love to explore there is nothing that beats a lazy day at home. I love working and being productive. If I want to get lazy tho, nothing beats curling up on the couch and playing an RPG. I could play games like Zelda and the witcher for hours. Which games are you guys currently playing?

‪Before I was a Youtuber, I was a professional Ice Cream eater... At least that's what I told myself 🍦😉‬ What food do you like to treat yourself with after a job well done? #notreallymygraffiti #icecreamwasdelicioustho

People always ask why I'm so happy and I feel that the people around you and your environment plays a huge role in that. I love working on YouTube videos and spending time with Jordi!
Who do you like to spend time with?

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