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Azzyland💜Fanpage  Lost everything and everyone...........


I'll start to post

I've been thinking and education is more important focusing on this fan page I get stressed because I want to post and be active but my education is important so I'm going to be taking a break as well as @jobless.family aka Kylie so we both won't be active so which means I can't respond to text but @xhanaslaysx would take care of his account she'll try her best to post I'll probably come back when I'm comfortable with dealing this account too! Love you Azzy @azzyland I'll be back don't be sad

Coming soon.... full edit on @smile.today.group check it! @azzyland

Cutest couple ever😍❤️😭 @azzyland @kwebbelkop tag's: #azzyland #kwebbelkop #azzykop #cutestcouple

Azzy slays! @azzyland #azzyland

This edit is so amazing! And of course @xleahslaysx made it because she makes the best edits! Thank you so much! @azzyland

Did a collab with Lucy! She did @jellebay and I did @azzyland! Make sure to go check her account her edits give you life! @jelle.af

I did a collab with the best people ever my besties first: @xhanaslaysx did @hanagiraldo second: me did @azzyland third: @leahashe_fanpage did @leahashe

This edit is amazing tysm @xleahslaysx for making me this it's AWSOME!!! @azzyland tag's #azzyland #youtuber #azzylanders #amterdam

Always smile even if it's a hard time😔>😁 @azzyland tag's: #azzyland #youtuber #azzylanders #smile #yay

I made this for my other account @xazzykopx make sure to go follow it, i love how this came out lets hope they notice! (Please tag them) @azzyland @kwebbelkop tag's: #azzyland #youtuber #azzylanders #cutest #yay #bff

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