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azusa chiyoda / 千代田 梓  Doll artist / Japan 🌸【YouTube】azusadoll / 🌸【Twitter】@azusa_chiyoda (English) , @usagi_spica (Japanese) /桜蔭⇨お茶大美術史

Porcelain painting progress part 1, this is how I paint the porcelain doll after casting and firing them🎨✨I have to paint and fire them again and again and again...but because of THE PROCESS, she turned into truly lifelike doll ;)

One of my most talented sculptor friends @jamesmarsano drew my doll😭💕
I met him and his friend @openedjesus (he is also a talented jewelry artist) in Tokyo today, and talked about our work. It was really exciting to hear how the other artists make their work✨ Thank you for the wonderful time!!
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Another shot of my latest work📸
I named her “Spica”, the name of the star🌟
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My first porcelain doll😊✨
I could finally finish making her!!
最新作ですー٩( 'ω' )و初めてのビスクドール
#azusadoll #球体関節人形 #artdolls #porcelainbjd

My first porcelain doll wip ☺️She’ll be available at the exhibition which is going to hold in Tokyo this July!

WIP🤔I still have to paint thin color layers on her face again and again...

WIP of my first porcelain doll✨
I’m gonna join three artists exhibition in Tokyo, Japan this July. Theses girls will be on display there and available ( I can ship them all over the world ). By the way, I’m living on my own now...I’ve never known it’s such a hard work to make dolls after finishing all the daily work😭💦
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Thank you for all the birthday wishes on my previous post 😌💕
Join on artvsartist tag :)

🎉April 4 is my birthday 😊🎂✨
I’ve been making dolls for nearly 10 years...I was really young and was still an immature student when I started doll making. Some people say “You have a talent!”, but I know it’s a result of my steady effort. I’ll do my best also in this year☺️Thank you for your support!!💕
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I’m looking forward to seeing you😊💕

Throw back Thursday 🌸
lip sculpting process :) By the way, I’m really looking forward to seeing the animation “Legend of the galactic heroes” which is gonna start this April. I’m a big fan of the original novel for almost 19 years!! The novel is translated in English, so I read not only Japanese version but also read English version📚
#bjd #dollstagram #dollartistry

Hand sculpting process :) I’ll be able to finish making new girl this April✨...Then, make plaster molds and change her from the clay doll into the porcelain doll 🙄
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