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Azrinaz Mazhar  If you only have hammer, you tend to look every problem as a nail ~ amh 💛awb ~

Saya dijemput makan malam di mahligai baru designer tersohor Dato Rizalman Ibrahim. Terpukau 🤩 dengan setiap perincian segala sudut dalam semua aspek. Dari siling sampai ke carpet, dinding, dekorasi 🛋 pemilihan warna, menu 🍽 susunan yang semestinya beliau mempunyai citarasa tiada tolok bandingan #firstclasstaste
Setibanya dirumah saya stress memikirkan bagaimana ya nak hire beliau jadi pereka ID 🏠 saya? 🤔 ceruk dan celah mana saya nak korek lagi ni 😫 #hajatbesar #tastenaktinggijugak #teringin #taktidomalam

Sharing this with you today ➡️ There is a lot of difference between human being and being human. A few understand it.

Not our usual relax kind of Sunday. Nevertheless we both enjoyed as long we are together 🤜🏼🤛🏻
Done 15km with 8 obstacles 🏃🏻‍♀️This time under North Face event. I must say the challenges was nothing compared to Spartan but perhaps the elevated hills ⛰really making us out of breath. Weather ☁️ was being kind to us despite many of us lost in the jungle due to lack of trail direction ↖️ (not my team) #tnfoutdoorchallenge2018 #thenorthfaceoutdoorchallenge2018
#trailrunning #northface #hikingwithobstacles

Whoever takes you NEAR to Allāh, takes you AWAY from Hellfire. Whoever takes you AWAY from Allāh, takes you CLOSER to Hellfire 🔥
Love them Lillahita’ala. May all of us be in Jannah together #alAqsafamilydinner
Symbol Al-Aqsa 🕌katanya

Sometimes the hardest person for you to correct is yourself. There is no shame in being wrong, the shame is in choosing to stay wrong.. right? 🍁

Its not blood that make you family. Its 💜 #sisters #friendship

We cannot change the cards 🃏 we are dealt, just how we play the hand 🤚

I had no idea - what was I doing on the stage seriously?
Sharing my humble bit of knowledge on social media with awesome audiences during the 'Her Inspirasi Power Breakfast' organised by @herinspirasi @themalaysianwomensweekly @majalahjelita @shapemalaysia #powerbreakfast #panelist #dialog -
Video thanks to @blackpepperproduction

Fab fushion fine dining at Mr Chew Chino Latino and we just cant stop chewing with this special girl @zumahfoz who kept spoiling me. Blessed 💞

What you see in socmed is different than whats behind the lense 🤪 sampai senget2 tau nak betulkan tudung 😖

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