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azuki umeda  :)

im telling myself to NOT POST RANDOM THINGS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. but man, pilobolus got me inspired af. cheers to dancing, cheers to this improv i did a couple days ago.
cheers to being able to dance

when you have a 50-page research paper and it’s hitting you real hard!!!!
on the real though, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the LOVE and SUPPORT! so truly grateful to work with these people and share to you guys their ridiculous talents. they are THE ONE. (if u wanna tag @labrinthsiadiplo that would be bomb. u don’t have to but ya.) LINK IN BIO!

it’s been 1.5 months since the CDA show, and i have been DYING to share this piece of work that i made (as you can tell, i am not good with patience…). i hope you all enjoy!
MUSIC BY: @labrinthsiadiplo @labrinth @siamusic @diplo

taught @bodyspeaksdc the other day... taught this combo one last time!!! @marianhillmusic you’re the one. thanks @braydenbear for the footage!
also.... these two. i can probably write you all how genuine, how talented, and how hilarious these fellow brethrens are. thank you for jamming w me @amymagsam & @olivialiberatiii_

i am deciding to put more of my choreographic work rather than me wiggling around like a noodle... first time doing a chill combo... but still wasn’t chill 😂 thank you @txdancer for being so great. you’re the one. please check her out y’all. she’s not related to travis wall.
#azukichoreography @madeinheights @kelseybulkin @sabzi

👾👾👾 tryin to dance like a video game and finessing some french toasts at the same time </3 @glassanimals

woah. i’m about to share 2015 azookster... in @urricamichelle’s class @artistssimplyhuman, senior year of high school.
i think it’s okay for me to say that i have grown quite a bit (after transitioning into college, getting multiple knee injuries, and meeting so many people i look up to)....i want to relearn this to see the difference in interpretation one day. just a thought!!!!
happy monday. always be grateful ☺️

y’all we FREAKING did it 😭😭😭 i was THIS close last week to have the worst mental breakdown, but these people really got me through everything. thank you riley and kyle for being so amazing and helpful. and thank you joe for being such a freaking genius behind the camera. CANT WAIT YOU GUYS.
coming soon y’all.... so excited 😎

pt 3/3: thank you guys for watching all three parts!! i hope you enjoyed it because i know i did doing this combo ☺️ many, many thanks to my sis @jojogomezxo for this bomb combo. so so much fun. and it was amazing to share the floor with so many people who i look up to

pt 2/3: for those of you asking... i was in scars to your beautiful last year, dancing in a chair! one of the most vulnerable things i’ve done expressing my frustration with physical, real scars on my knee. this part of the combo makes me feel so happy... finally feel like i can do what i love to do. with my absolute favorite people.
this class was so fun y’all. i miss it already. @jojogomezxo i freaking love you. i watched the livestream yesterday and you and @iamchrxstopher’s words really meant so much to me. happy friday, let’s all bring good vibes for the weekend. (tag @alessiasmusic if u can :) ) @tmillytv

pt 1/3 (sorry, ill spam y’all)
yesterday i was able to dance with my @teamshaka fam at @jojogomezxo’s class. im still smiling so much because we got to take her class. thank you guys for coming, and thank you for the constant push and support. im really, really speechless with what happened in this moment (even now), so i hope you enjoy the video. this was so much fun. i love you guys. much love. & of course, thank you @timmilgram for capturing this moment. you are a filming genius

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