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(picture taken in 2018) This year I want to care less about opinions that don’t matter. I think most of my peers assume the demeanor I give off gives a side of me that acts tough which isn’t entirely false. But I’ve constantly always had a self battle of the opposite - making friends and trusting people. From a early age I constantly battled with self esteem issues (ask I will tell) so when I got into modeling I think it worsened. I’ve always been terribly shy and awkward so having to be apart of this world where you’re supposed to be perfect hurts. Someone always has something to say... oh you’re so this, you’re so that... I’m skinny but I’ve had a full chest since I was 12 years old so I grew up thinking terribly about myself because I was being judged and sexualized. Then and to this day I’ve always wanted to fit in and be accepted by women because I’ve never been a girls girl. I’ve never had a secure group of girlfriends and I’ve never known specific reasons other than not many women want to see other women survive. But I could be totally wrong.
I constantly squash my identity because I don’t want the negative attention from my peers. If I do do this I’m this but if I don’t I’m that anyway. This is where I feel deeply for other women who feel the way I do who want to freely post in vulnerability. It’s a constant mind game with me.. do I not post it because someone else might say this or do I because I’m happy with how I look and want to be bold and brave. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out 🤪
I could probably continue to write the backstory of my self doubt and anxiety but I’m tired of rambling so here’s to trying something new in the New Year

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people with the biggest hearts have endured the most pain. blue eyes cry the prettiest tears

I can’t wait to have my tan back.......... Now that I have your attention.. I want to get to know my friends on Instagram that I don’t know in real life better. Where are you from? What are you currently studying? What’s a goal for 2019?

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