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It’s Monday night, time for some Sheep Thrills. Anyone?...Anyone?...No? #DadJokes #MyLifeIsExciting #IPickedThisWineStrictlyForTheLabel #RedWine

Sometimes you need something to get you through the day, sometimes you need something to get you through the year. Thanks, margaritas and tacos, for helping me through 2017. 🍹🌮 #IsItOverYet

Love this costume! #WheresWaldo #Wenda #Perfect

The only pics I have from the beautiful wedding we went to this weekend. Swear we weren’t the only ones there. Congrats, Maxi & Jeremy! #taggslockeddown

When this weather kicks in, I lose every ounce of motivation and energy. Every single year. I will feel like the life has been sucked out of me until April. It’s awful. Anywho, the season is here. #hibernation #SAD #seasonalaffectivedisorder

And we just keep growing. And we always will because we both know how important it is to be a giver. Thank you for always “watering” me. I’m blessed beyond measure. #MyPerson #Love @aaronlbush

I have this Jessie Spano level of breakdown about time like once a day these days. #NoExaggeration #NoTime

My child went to her first homecoming. With all her friends. What the heck?? #Homecoming #GrowingUpFast #PrettyGirl ❤️

The first time and every time since. ❤️💋

This dude puts on a crazy good show. Crazy good. @teddysphotos

Love this city. Love this man. Love our life. #Chicago ❤️

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