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He's cute 😍❀️ #DateNight #Reds #Handlebar

Right. And the caption. Except there's no Steve and I'm just over here trying to get everyone everywhere and hoping the person in front of me doesn't go a mile under the speed limit and I make all lights. Otherwise, we won't make it. #AllDayEveryDay

And on this Mondayest Monday ever, not a person around could serve an "iced black coffee". Not sure the issue with this terribly hard to make drink but it's definitely a widespread one. #ThatsNotBlack #ThatsNotIced πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

I'm so tired. I could sleep for a week and not feel rested. Mental and emotional exhaustion are real. #CanLifeJustBeNormalAgainPlease πŸ™πŸ»

Selfish and entitled people are the worst, ugliest kind of people. It'd be nice to rid the earth of these type of people but instead, these type of people are raising the same type of kids. #PleaseStop #GrowUp #ComeOnOverToTheRealWorld #ItWillBeBetterWithoutEntitledPeople

You might think one of the kids did this but that's definitely my cold brew coffee. #ImAGrownUp

I bumped my arm yesterday. Barely. This is so attractive. #Bruiser #ibruiselikeapeach #rossgellerproblems

Pretty great day today, especially since I got to feed the giraffe! 😍❀️

#CC2017 #Perfect ❀️🎢

My mom loves quilts, and Paris, and we have been planning a trip to Paris for Juliana's 16th birthday for at least 7 years. My family is full of crafters and a few weeks ago my great aunt brought a quilt to show us that she was making. The fabric was Paris and blue and mom said, "I wonder if they make that in pink?". I found it and asked my aunts if they'd make her a quilt. They did and we gave it to her today and she LOVES it! My family is amazing! #Grateful #Paris #Love #Family

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