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Azell & Wulf Cosplay  The assorted nerdy musing of a pair of girls who dress up as fictional characters in their spare time.


2017 was apparently the year of the noodle lol πŸ˜‚

New silicone noodles from Pam!! 😍 ********************
#cosplay #twilek #lekku #twilekcosplay #starwars #silicone

Happy N7 day! 10 years of Mass Effect, can't even believe it.
Artwork is by @rileyarogers who is just fantastic and did this for Azell's birthday. 😊

Aww jeez Rick, it's a Halloween party!

So uh... Halloween kind of blindsided us this year. What's everyone dressing up as?! πŸ€ πŸ€‘πŸ‘»πŸ‘½πŸ€–πŸ˜Ί

Gale winds unleashed!
Irma update: we both made it through with very minimal damage, just going to sit around and read some comics until the power comes back on...

Sorry for the radio silence during Dragoncon! Turns out neither of us ended up doing any cosplay for the entire con, which I don't think has ever happened before. It was still pretty damn eventful however! During the aquarium party on Saturday night, Azell's boyfriend of 7 years proposed and in true Firefly/Serenity style she answered "I don't know" (only the first time around, the final answer was yes 😜).


Happy Twi'lek Tuesday!
Photo by @theprojectcosplayphoto
Lekku by @lightning_cosplay
Brown headband by @ladycleocosplay

Anyone want to take a guess what I'm working on today??? 😁

Twi'lek and Togruta Tuesday! A colorful shot from Star Wars Celebration this year. 😊

LOOK AT HOW AWESOME! @kiltedcraftworks sent an email out to a few friends letting us know that his new 3D was ready for some challenges so my contribution was an M-3 Predator from Mass Effect. This is the result and I am SO FUCKING PUMPED to use this with my Asari Justicar character.

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