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Azell & Wulf Cosplay  The assorted nerdy musing of a pair of girls who dress up as fictional characters in their spare time.

Happy Twi'lek Tuesday!
Photo by @theprojectcosplayphoto
Lekku by @lightning_cosplay
Brown headband by @ladycleocosplay

Anyone want to take a guess what I'm working on today??? 😁

Twi'lek and Togruta Tuesday! A colorful shot from Star Wars Celebration this year. 😊

LOOK AT HOW AWESOME! @kiltedcraftworks sent an email out to a few friends letting us know that his new 3D was ready for some challenges so my contribution was an M-3 Predator from Mass Effect. This is the result and I am SO FUCKING PUMPED to use this with my Asari Justicar character.

Woman crush Wednesday goes to Parapraxis Cosplay who did this lovely Sansa Stark with us at Dragoncon last year. Getting so pumped to go back to Hotlanta!

It's Game of Thrones day! πŸ˜ƒ

I've finally gone back to #diablo3. The #necromancer was too much to resist. I think that big armor project is taking me back towards a game that inspired me to cosplay in the first place...

That awkward feeling when you're really excited about a convention but you also have crippling anxiety about the fact that it's coming up really quickly and you have nothing done. Yep. Just hit that today.

New Game of Thrones tomorrow got us like 😡😳😱😲😍😁
You guys doing special for the premiere?

"Tell Jabba I have his money." ... "Well no I don't have it WITH me..."
-------- #twilektuesday! πŸ˜„
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Been playing a game of #herosofthestorm every day for the sweepstakes thing #blizzard is doing, and I gotta say, it's really making me want to do an over the top armor build 😩

Sith Sunday! Hope you are all having a relaxing day lounging around the house ;)
Photography by Adrian Goetz
#cosplay #swc #sith #starwars #darkside #boudoir

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