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Spontaneously decided to go travel a day before, then spontaneously decided to extend our travel by traveling further down south when we were suppose to go home. But I regret nothing.


Every shot taken with the scenery in South of nz is Instagram worthy. Even when you're moving your ass around in the photo trying to find a comfortable rock to sit on πŸ˜‚

ζ―ε€‹δΊΊδΎ†ι€™θ£‘ιƒ½ζ‹ιž‹ε­οΌŒζˆ‘δΉŸδΎ†ζ‹εŠιš»ιž‹ε­ #ιž‹ε­ζ Ήζœ¬δΈζ˜―ι‡ι»ž #steepeststreet

It was raining everywhere for pretty much the whole of last week but we were so lucky that the sun came out again the day we decided to go traveling 🌞

Meet sweet little friendly Ray. 4 more days till I can meet my own fur babies 🐱 #cats

It would be nice to wake up to the sounds of birds chipping and the view of a lovely garden everyday 🌻

Yes it's summer
Yes I'm still wearing my winter jacket

Dec 03, Santa Parade
Glad I dragged my lazy ass out to see this. Parade lasted for nearly an hour and a half. My fav was definitely the firefighters, no pics of them cus I was too busy running away from the water πŸ˜‚

#tb to that time we hiked 4 hours at 4am to get there

P/s: no cam stabilizers were used in this video. 😌

Hiking up to this cafe almost broke me but it was worth it.

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