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Monica Sivixay | ມາລີກາ 🇱🇦  sixfourteen. ສາວລາວ. foodie. curls. photos. music. fashion. wanderer. old soul. sailor mouth. stay humble. PV. ∞ 🔐#monieats | #moniwore | #monivacays


the past two days have flew by so quick plus barely any sleep but going through all four parks in two days and being like a kid again was worth it. this was one of the most impromptu decision trips i've ever came on but it was such a blast. disney as a kid isn't as awesome as disney as an adult! #monivacays

"laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever." - walt disney. #monivacays

a dream is a wish your heart makes. #monivacays

visited my home continent today. #monivacays

it's the circle of life. #monivacays

seafood for days. new post up on the blog! monieatsblog.wordpress.com ➡️ link is also in bio. #monieats

this practically describes us. 😂 #mcm #mce

a perfect ending to his long birfday weekend and the last riding day of the season. it's been so much fun this weekend!

i didn't fall in love with you, i walked into love with you with my eyes wide open choosing to take every step along the way.

you are enough, a thousand times enough. #moniwore

winter has passed, it's time to bloom. #moniwore

twenty-nine never looked so handsome. 😘

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