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240 4x3 paused and then a 5thset of 6. #surgetonewlevels #bench @gravityoppressor_88 @asyvertsen34

Check that waterline, basements are so coooooooll πŸ˜‘

Worst flash storm I've ever seen. I had to pull under a tree to make sure my windshield didn't shatter and now I'm shoveling water in the basement at my moms house. It flooded so quick the basement stairwell had water to the 6th or 7th step until I jumped in and unclogged the drain. Fuckin shitty.

All these LP posts but I haven't seen a legit copy of Hybrid Theory or any og merch, whack. This cd until it's too scratched to work will always be in my constant rotation.

Lucy and Addison 😻#cats #catsofinstagram #russianblue #cat #😍

230 4x3 paused and then a 5thset of 7 3/4 last night. I brought my grip in a bit and it's been working. Thanks to the crew @gravityoppressor_88 and @asyvertsen34 #surgetonewlevels #bench #benchpress

440 4x2 and then a 5thset of 4 last night. The heat/humidity really slowed me down along with riding 100 miles on the Roadking but I still got it done. Thanks always to @gravityoppressor_88 for putting the work in with me and @asyvertsen34 you the real MVP. #surgetonewlevels #squats #powerbelly #humidity #sweaty #shot


460 4x2 and then a #5thset of 5 last night. Still exhausted and shot from Sunday's show I tried to make any excuse to not to pull but thanks to my good bud @gravityoppressor_88 keeping me on track and focused. @asyvertsen34 @surgetonewlevels #surgetonewlevels #deadlift #powerbelly

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