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#flexsunday cuz #flexfriday is overrated 😜 #goals for this week? Enjoy the last week of #summer before school begins. Hbu #fitfam πŸ€”

Omg rare #video footage of me doing something that's not #squats 😱 been working on #deadlifts and trying to find the right groove/set up/mind set. Already missing normal sized plates but still kinks to work thru. Things like being patient of the floor and really "pushing" off the floor rather than pulling πŸ˜• gonna just keep on the #grind til I get it right #fitfam

The flashiest of #flashbackfriday 😏 thx again for taking me on a tour of the livefit warehouse @jeremysry haha legit dream come true #fitfam #keepthefamclose πŸ“·: @jeremysry

All you can do is keep your eyes forward and move toward the future ✌️there'll be good and bad days but just gotta stay on the #grind #fitfam and work toward your own #goals πŸ‘Š #consistency is πŸ”‘

How'd I feel post #squats? I felt dead. On the inside. Cuz RPE 100000000 πŸ˜‚ #video from last nights squat sesh. Last set of 385x10x3 shown. Started off strong but slowed down significantly as the sets wore on #fitfam πŸ˜• but it's all good, got the work done, grinded my ass off and now just resting up for the NEXT episode of death by #cardio squats

Elbow screaming at me, exhausted from 385x10x3 #squats and 240x10x3 #bench, but grinded out a long, long #workout πŸ˜₯ thought today would go smoother after smashing 365x7x5 squats last night, but just can't string together good workouts, but I won't be stopped #fitfam πŸ˜• #cantstopwontstop

When it's #internationalchestday but your chasing that #biceps pump πŸ’ͺ random cameo by the half naked @paulow_squats 😏 how'd your #chest day go #fitfam ?

Squatting while staring awkwardly into @jrivers35 eyes lol @marabou02 u jelly? πŸ˜‰ #video tilted like how my #squats felt. Feeling loose and rising unevenly but the #weight is moving and form is staying relatively on point for now. Getting stronger means nailing down form #fitfam ✌️so try to get that form down before moving heavier weight. Everyone's gotta swallow their pride sometimes and take those two steps backwards so that you can move that one big step forward #stayhumble

That face you make when your just trying not to pass out 😱 #squats and front squats were rough af today. Couldn't find a good rhythm and felt off balance. But #work got done so on to the next one #fitfam

#throwbackthursday to having fish and chips at @slapfish in the LAX airport πŸ˜‚ only been like two weeks since bouncing outta socal and I miss #home already πŸ˜₯ but one more year, so time to #grind, get a degree and make some #gains #fitfam

Gonna start doing #armseveryday πŸ˜₯ #flex game too weak. Gotta get bigger arms than @jeremysry #fitfam

lmao when the look on ur face says it all ☠️ #squats feeling extra sloppy and extra #heavy this week but gotta stay on the #grind so I can make the next meet in October πŸ˜• that quick turnaround not doing me any favors #fitfam but it's time go time πŸ‘Š

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