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Here is one of the ways to complete your 9-star pharmacist role, Keep your knowledge updated and be a long life learner 👩‍🔬
PHASE UI 86 mengadakan Seminar dan Workshop Nasional di bidang Industri & Pelayanan Farmasi dengan total 28 SKP❗
Head to : www.phase.farmasi.ui.ac.id for tickets and registration 🎫
Or ask our Contact Person for further information☺

"Why do you like #lily ?”
“It’s the most sacred and beautiful of all flowers in Egypt. They bloom in mud and shine in the darkness like a gift from the gods to remind you that no matter how bad something is, it will get better. That no matter how dark the night, the light will come for you. If you partake of them, they have the power to calm and soothe you, and to heal your wounds.” ☔
Sherrilyn Kenyon (2011). “The Guardian”, p.154, Hachette UK

Its true that Eid al-Fitr moment is over but the vibe should always still on! One important aspect of Eid Al-Fitr in most Muslim cultures is asking for forgiveness for what we have done against other people in the past year, whether it was on purpose or by accident. On every Eid Al-Fitr moment my mother showed me that she forgive people before they even ask for it. She said life is too short for all the pent-up anger, holding grudges, and extra pain. According to her, a clear heart is a way to have a happy life. I learnt so much and get inspired by this, BUT I think we need to add one more thing to create a happy life and happy soul; a clear skin!😁 So I decided that it's my turn to inspire her to create a clear skin with a magic help from SK-II products as I love them so much💝
With a combination of #SKIIClearSkinClearHeart i bet she'll completely have the best life and best feeling ever💆‍♀️


I'd like to take a time to appreciate their presence in my life.
They passing through the tantrum phase of me in the past few months. Withstand with my mood swings, hard times, and all the "me being a pain in the ass". They help me heal, grow, dry my tears or sometimes joining me to cry so i wouldn't cry myself alone, never tired to listen to my silly stories and remind me the same things for hundred times whenever i was way too vulnerable or forget for who i am. I'm so blessed to have theemmm.❤

6 months into the year, 6 months left to go. Hi June, forever be my favorite month ❤

shameless selfie bcs the natural lighting was waay too lit🔥

soaking up the sun ☀️

the chick just happy to be there🐣🐣
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