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Seeing @youmeatsixofficial play Take Off Your Colours in full celebrating it’s 10 year release in the same venue they first toured the album in. It doesn’t get much better than this! 💖

The night out / the morning after 😂

Brothers 🤞🏻

I don't want to forget the way I feel in this moment ☄

It doesn’t have to be a world away 🌍

Catch up with the sweetest, most down to earth band you'll ever meet @tonightaliveofficial. Let's not leave it as long next time ❤

I wrote this song just over a year ago. I was 21, I just graduated uni and in a world of posibilitys and opportunitys i should have felt like i was on top of the world but I didn't. Everything that I had lined up for the life after fell apart at once and I felt as if there was nowhere to turn to, nowhere to go. I was lost!

A year later, a lots changed, and I feel as if I have a lot going for me. I'm 22, I'm working in an industry I love with great people, I've made good friends, I have a loving family, a place of my own, a home, my relationships are healthy and my mind too and that unsure and unstable time period seems like such a long time ago. A lot can change in a year.

This songs still a working progress and it's by no means finished but I hope it gives somebody, somewhere the little bit of hope I was looking for. I found music, I found people that helped me through and if you look hard enough you will to. So on #worldmentalhealthday i'm telling my story to help you. It's okay not to be OK, have hope.
Lyrics in comments.

Clapper happy working under the ever talented @connor1994richmond and the rest of the amazing cast and crew 🎬

Watching the sun rise and set in beautiful Glenarm yesterday 🌅🌄

Please don’t wake me up, I’m dreaming in technicolour 📺

It’s not a phase 🤷🏻‍♂️

Biffy Blooming Clyro MTV Unplugged @ Belfast’s Waterfront

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