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AYLA NEREO  musicmaker. wordweaver. hummingbird. forest dweller. our lives will live in the seeds we've sown... our will is held in the gardens we've grown...

This is me today, sweaty and tired and feeling totally crazy, doing a billion errands, finalizing new song demos, three meetings with team and a dozen little land things to do... and I am beyond happy. Cause tomorrow David and I leave for our first-ever real vacation together. Not a single show. Journey for the sake of journey, for inspiration, writing, family visit, and plain ol Being. And, journey to the lands of my ancestors, the Italian origins, and Scandinavian roots.
I can't wait to be changed and grown by these places.
And see what words and songs come through...
🇮🇹 🇸🇪 #journeyoflife #followingtrails #ancestors #tracingroots #takeflight #bringthelove

A teensy tiny lil listen to the recording process for ye ;)
We've been doing 6-10 hour days regularly for the past few weeks -- the album is very much being born.
I am so grateful to @tropo_tyson for being and amazing sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and all-around brilliant sidekick in this recording process.
And so SO excited for these songs to be shared with you all!

#littlepieces #songbits #newalbum #recordingday #wheeloftime #itscoming

How could I ever sleep through dawn, when it holds the most precious quietness of possibility, and the sweetest voices of birdsong greeting the rising light.

Spring cleaning is a good excuse to play dress up.
Roses and skin in honor of Ishtar and Eostre today, goddesses of fertility and namesakes of this day now called Easter.
Sweeping the corners and feelin spicy.
#gettinshitdone #whynotdressup #happyeaster #eostre #ishtar #springishere

recording day #4.
ten hour days with @tropo_tyson recording and mixing the new songs, interspersed with hours of home recording rough drafts over the last weeks. fully immersed in songmaking. and the crazy thing is, amidst these fullest of full days, more songs keep coming through!
i feel like a faucet opened in my brain and music is just pouring in.

currently in an experiment, seeing how much can happen each day when i just focus and keep the aim set strong.
being offline helps a LOT ;) though i do love sharing sneak peeks of the process with you too ;)

thank you all for your notes and messages of love and encouragement!!
i am so excited to share these new songs with you!! <3
#deepinit #newsongscoming #ilovemakingmusic #recordingday #grateful

Recording all day everyday.
Today included sampling the sound of a broom sweeping.
Making rhythms out of household items might be my new favorite thing.

The world is turning, times a changin, and these songs gotta get born.
Tomorrow, another 10 hour day in the studio with Tyson.
Fueled by the fires of creation.

#makingitup #tryingitout #playingwithsound #whynot #recordingeverything #timetobeborn #ilovemakingmusic

We are witnessing a movement greater than imagined.
The wave of peace is coming, and it looks like children leading and young voices sounding the solutions.
Today, we are seeing the largest youth marches since the Vietnam protests. I'm so proud to be in the love-army of our rising youth leaders, and be alive on earth at this moment.
In a few months we march to the polls.
Register to vote at the link in my bio, or at @marchforourlives. 📷@marksren ✊🏽
#booksnotbullets #youthleaders #washingtondc #endgunviolence #marchforpeace #nextsevengenerations #theworldislistening #thankyou

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