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Ayla Nereo  Our lives will live in the seeds we've sown... Our will is held in the gardens we've grown...


Heading into @globaleclipsegathering and might be offline a few days ~ just wanted to send blessings to you all as we enter this powerful eclipse portal.
What I've learned is that eclipses can sometimes be mentally destabilizing, and in Vedic astrology they recommend not being outside if you feel off center or unbalanced within yourself. You can tune in to eclipses through meditation indoors and it's very powerful.
If you do want to be outside, a good idea is to reinforce your auric field / energy body, so you are defining your energy system boundaries and finding your deepest center within yourself.
Eclipses also amplify all of our thoughts and emotions, so you can tune your inner climate to be exactly what you want to send into the world. The wider and more expansive your intentions, the bigger the ripple you will be sending out!
This is also a fire trine, sun and moon and planets in signs of fire -- so very strong and activating.
Our prayers are more powerful than ever.

Thank you for Being the peace we are creating for the planet!
Take care of yourself and each other.
Breathe deep.
Give song to the wondrous sky!
Happy Eclipse familia.

Praying for love to flow like water in the hearts of all our brothers and sisters.
Sending prayers to all those in Barcelona, in Charlottesville, and everywhere there is chaos right now, as the polarities become stronger during this portal of eclipse time.
Keep breathing deep and Being Peace as you walk, my family.
#belikewater #walkinlove #ashland #lithiapark #prayersforpeace #eclipse2017 #rootingdeeper

On our way...
Update! ** WILDLIGHT set is actually 6:45-8 pm Friday **
This is an extremely powerful portal in time, whether you see the eclipse or not, we are all going to feel it. Just a loving reminder to go carefully, walk with the prayer of peace deep in your heart, breathe deep, take care of each other. And remember, magic is stronger than ever right now.
Believe in what's possible.
We are Life expressing itself.
Let's dance into LOVE.
#singtothemoon #singtothesun #letitin #breathedeep #staygrounded #walkinlove #bringpeacewithyou #wildlight #dancebeauty #loveeveryone #eclipse2017
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My sisters, I've been wanting to share this for a long time, and it feels evermore present with the current climate among our human family.
There is a prophecy that says when all women return to giving their blood back to the earth, wars will cease, for men will no longer need to make that offering through killing each other.
For eons women have given back to the earth this way. All our distant grandmother ancestors did this. Our cycle is as natural a part of life as breathing. But the fear-possessed ones on this planet have, in the last few thousand years, made women's blood into something disconnected from us, something to push away, not look at, not talk about.
This is how we become severed from our power.
And we reclaim our power by reclaiming our relationship with our own bodies, our sacred holy vessels, and choosing what goes into it, who enters it, and how we want to give back to the earth and Life with it.
I have been making a practice for the past few years of giving my moonblood to the trees, and more recently to my garden that sustains and gives me life.
Sharing this feels vulnerable, because I can still contact that conditioned fear of being natural and wild, so deeply conditioned that even other women may become triggered at this suggestion.
But it's time to speak our truth, and remember how ancient this practice is.
The Earth needs us.
And this is our sovereign healing power as women. To give our blood back to our Motherplanet who gives us life.
Remembering and reclaiming one of the most powerful ways we can actively help create balance in this planet at this time.
I recommend cloth pads, seasponges, Thinx underwear, and/or diva cups for catching your moon blood easily, then mixing with water to offer to the plants around you.
The iron is pure nutrition for them, and the offering is a deep prayer -- for peace on this planet, and for the unashamed feminine naturalness and power to rise as a gentle wave, nourishing and co-creating with Life.
Thank you my sisters for being yourself.
Bless your walk in these times.
#thankyoulife #givingback #reclaimingpower #sisterhood #womenrise #offering #moon #rewilding #natural #mahalo

Today's garden harvest.
Oh my goodness grateful for the foods of this earth given so abundantly.
What a miracle.
#garden #ilovebeinghome #growyourown #wonder #inaweoflife #seeds #harvest #bounty #andthisisonlyatinyfraction #abundance #homesteadlife #superfoods #sosimple #thankyouearth

Paying attention
to the inner climate.
Where is there pollution?
Where are my own rivers dammed up?
How can I clear the air in here?
How can I create peace in this mind and heart?
Starting within
as a water droplet
rippling outward
gentle waves become tidal
become change...
#outbreathinside #peacestartshere #walkingmeditation #inaweoftheinnerworlds #wearefractals #listening #thankyoulife

Friends, we are in an extremely delicate moment on the planet right now, and Guam is needing all of our love and energetic protection.
I believe in the immense power of our thoughts, of prayer. It is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.
Please, if you are able, direct your attention and energy towards peace today. Visualize cooling waters amidst the flames of anger in the hearts of the US and North Korean governmental leaders. See the bubble of light protecting our family in Guam.
May we walk in the meditation of peace this week. Each breath, each interaction, every little way you can. It makes such a vast difference.
We are droplets of water, and every way that we create peace in our day-to-day life is a ripple that moves outward.
Thank you for choosing the current of love over fear.
Thank you for choosing to hold the prayer of peace strong in your hearts.

Taking it all in.

First day back from tour
giding on the lake of calm
regrounding my roots
and drinking deep this place
I call home.
#return #peace #sunset #lakeside #inhale #rest #thankyoulife

Ending where we began, but different than we were before.
These beloved Shasta waters marked the start of our tour, and now marks the close... and rightly so, as we have journeyed from spring to river to ocean to waterfall across these lands.
Thank you waters, for leading us with such grace and powerful life abundance. .
This tour has been overflowing in all the ways, beyond imagining.
Thank you life for all the support you give these songs, for the sold out concerts and workshops, for filling me with trust and weaving me with such deep community webs.
I am so grateful.

#changed #overflowing #letmebelikewater #mahalo

One year ago Leah and Chloe and I hopped into each others' sets at Arise festival to join voices, and one of these moments was caught when our three-part harmony version of 'Mississippi' was recorded live from the soundboard during their set.
Excited to announce that this rendition will be on their newest album, Alive, to be released soon!
So much love for these beloved and powerful sisters of sound and all the work they do in the world. ・・・
You can get their album presale now by heading over to @risingappalachia (link in their bio)! .

#risingappalachia #Alive #singforlife @stillfocusphotography #arisefestival #kindredspirits #collaboration

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