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Ariana  ⚙️ Mech Eng 🐢 UMD 2019 ✨ Always eating

Stop and smell the roses 🌹

The good things in life are better with you. Happy anniversary, bubs 💘 @muse_paintbar

This thrifted jacket has been saving me from these rainy days 🌧

One draft latte please ☕️

Campus is looking pretty (not my exam grades though) 🍂

The crazy bunch finally got together again 😆

Why isn’t there a pumpkin emoji?

I’ve fall-en for you 🧡

I found this cute pumpkin - definitely for keeps 🙊

Goats have freaky eyes but other than that, i guess they’re cute 🐐

Casually walked out from the concert then we met @hablotbrown 💗

@hellohonne makes you feel full and broken in one night. Can’t explain it but it “feels so good” ✨