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Ariana  ⚙️ Mech Eng 🐢 UMD 2019 ✨ Always eating

Casually walked out from the concert then we met @hablotbrown 💗

@hellohonne makes you feel full and broken in one night. Can’t explain it but it “feels so good” ✨

Throwback to @kvkrn8225 and @__fmrx wedding 💍

An acai bowl sounds good right now 🤤 @vigilantecoffee

If you look closely, I actually have two different drinks on my hand 🍸😂

I guess this marks the end of my summer posts since maryland’s weather decided to go straight to fall without warning 🍁 thanks for tuning in ✌🏼

8 streams and multiple mud slips later... 😂

The sun will set only to rise again 🌅

Didn’t mind being alone amidst the crowded beach when I have the sunset to accompany me 🌅

Actually encountered more jellyfish than fish 😂