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d a v i d☃️✨  ✰ Hey Beautiful🤗 ➳ 09.10.2004 🎂 ➳ Musical.ly - 41k ❤️ ➳ Turn On Post Notifications 😉 ☼ You've Got This💪 💌 ; dcaseles@gmail.com


cause these words are nice enough to leave scars🌋

who do you think you are ? runnin' round, leaving scars🍷

i smile through most of my problems, not because i'm happy about it but because i accepted the fact that problems are part of my story🥀

i'm their son .

happy older you day boon heng !! 🌚🎉

not everyone deserves to know the real you. let them criticize who they think you are🔥🙌

rumours are just as fake as the people who start them 💣

the worst feeling in the world is knowing you were used and lied to by someone you trusted. i'm not here to be controlled, i'm here to show who i truly am and to live my life to the fullest🍥

fAm ❤️ .

you are good enough, you are strong enough, you are smart enough, you are beautiful enough, you are brave enough, you are worthy enough, you are enough. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. don't give someone else the power to take away the sparkle that makes you so special and valuable. you are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. you have a right to be here🌎💯

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some say i'm too sensitive but truth is i just feel too much. every word, every action, every energy goes straight to my heart🤷‍♂️

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