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Chris Aydin, MS, CSCS  BoostGod93kg ☁️☁️☁️ 93kg Raw Powerlifter | The Strength Athlete | Philadelphia, PA πŸ“© Chris@TheStrengthAthlete.com


Spent the weekend at equipped nationals 😈 time to bench 272.5 @southbrooklynwc

See you soon Florida ✈️✈️✈️

Miss sharing pints with this guy. 4 months without you has been 4 months too long.

Are you limiting life experiences by not doing things that may affect your training or may make you miss a training session or three?
There's a lot more to life than just lifting weights. Go out, get uncomfortable, explore, do shit that isn't inside a gym, and take advantage of that single life you've been given.
Great weekend snowboarding with @hani_tsa & @eric_tsa and grateful for the experience and adventure. Can't wait for the next trip where my boots aren't trying to suffocate my feet.

+75kg in 18 months
December 2011: 975
February 2017: 1504
Just keep swimming 🐠

Working on my video edits πŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

This video gives me so many feels. Definitely my favorite highlight of yesterday. Not only was every bench attempt a meet PR, Geno's genuine energy is everything 😍

Thanks to my man @qtpowerlifting, I was able to cop a pair of these bad boys. I'm the worst when it comes to sneaker release hype.

Me: when are we tapering
Eric: stfu
Me: 180@8.5
Eric: K.

7 days out

Deadlift opener in the books (245/540). Feeling pretty fatigued, but extremely confident. #istandwithbodhorn

This post is πŸ’°too good not to share
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I was talking to one of my clients this morning about her deadlift feeling off, so we took a peek at her starting position to try to fix it. The deadlift set up and starting position are some of the most important parts of the lift (besides brute strength). If you set up poorly, you're setting yourself up for a bad time. It's kinda like that porridge we all heard about in the 3 bears: you need your hips not too high, not too low, but juuuusssstt right. And this "ideal" can look different for everyone, depending on their leg and limb length. Common things to see are: hips rising quickly if you set up too low (are aren't patient in the lift), rounded back if you aren't maintaining that tightness, or dying..because it's a deadlift.

Some cues/tips I like to tell people:
1. Mentally prepare yourself to pull
2. Grab the bar real freaking tight
3. Take a deep breath
4. Pack your lats//tighten your upper back. Think of pulling your shoulder blades down and back into your pockets, twisting your elbows, or even just squeezing your shoulder blades together.
5. Lower your hips just enough so that your shoulder blades are directly above the bar or slightly behind. Think of being able to draw a line STRAIGHT down from your shoulders to the bar in a side view of a video
6. Pull and pray. (Jk I think drive with my legs and pull with my shoulders up and back to keep my chest up and avoid clip 1 or 3)
TLDR: even if I suck at the deadlift, I've read a lot about it. I just suck.
#deathlift #conventional #form #coaching

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