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Ayaka B. Ito  Art Director @nr2154nyc 🌸 Personal account 🌙 Latest work on @ayaka.b.ito

Tiny me and @signewisaksen at Upstate Camp @nr2154nyc🌲 Thanks for the 📷 @tidatep 💕

Upstate fun! 💆🏻✨

Trying out some letterpress 😬⭐️🤞🏻See more on @ayaka.b.ito

July 7th marked our 8th anniversary of being together, and also Japan's National Star Constellation day — a day when you put your wishes up on bamboo trees. After 8 years, we were able to bring all of our families together from Germany & Japan to our home in Fort Greene and share the life we’ve built here in New York. My 86 year old grandma also hopped on her last international flight for us from Japan (15 hours)! Thank you to @larinabrooklyn for hosting such a heartfelt wedding, @bodegaweddings for helping us the whole day! And thank you for the beautiful photos @johnnycirillo

What a big day. Back in 2004, I was advised by my lawyers that it would be impossible to get a green card as a dependent through my family because immigration laws had tightened after 9/11. Since then, for 14 years, I worked tirelessly to get a 4-year bachelor degree, then at least a 5-year minimum work experience, and built up enough credentials in my career to qualify for my own application. Today, I finally got my green card in the mail. And after 14 years, I can finally feel welcomed to come back to my home. Thank you to @bigspaceship @roandcostudio @nr2154nyc for taking a chance on me and giving me the incredible opportunities that have gotten me to be where I am now. Thank you to every single person I’ve ever worked together with — without you, I wouldn’t have learned so much and have been able to make all the amazing projects that helped support my application. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

At #typographics 😊💕💕

Happy Mother’s Day to my two role models @myuchaimmom & @s.bojko !❤️

I love this photo of @benjaminbojko standing on the devil’s bridge in Sedona, Arizona.

Rich, beautiful vast sunsets of Arizona

Falling in love with the layered textures of Grand Canyon 😍 We hiked up and down 340m of the canyon!

Wow. We had such an amazing rare opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the Hopi Tribe and connect with their motherland in Northern Arizona. What a sight! 🤯👆🏻

Textures of Antelope Canyon

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