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Acknowledge.Your.Ancestors  A person, A project, A passion, by @foulard_et_feminisme

The first online african film festival by @cinewax is 🔥 You have until the 15th of December to enjoy 30 good african movies. Last night I watched Sacred water, a movie about the practice of Kunyaza ( female ejaculation) a traditional rwandan sexual practice aimed at enhancing the female pleasure (further confirming the fact that the importation of abrahamic religions fucked up african people views about their own sexuality) /Sacred Water, L'eau Sacrée, ce n'est pas un film sur la religion ! Non ! Mais sur le plaisir féminin et la pratique du Kunyaza (l'éjaculation féminine) au Rwanda ! Une société qui a beaucoup a nous apprendre que notre rapport a la sexualité la perception du plaisir entre la femme et l'homme.
A voir sur OAFF jusqu'au 15 décembre ! https://oafffest.cinewax.org
#OAFFCINEWAX #cinewax #rwanda #women #sexuality

The 20th of november is the day of black consciousness in Rio de Janeiro, São paulo and many other cities in Brazil. It's a holiday since 2003. This day has been chosen as it marks the day Zumbi do palmares, the leader of the Quilombo dos palmares killed, beheaded and his head exposed in a public square in the city of Recife (north of Brazil) in 1695. This day represents the ongoing resistance of the afrobrazilian population and various cultural and political afrobrazilian manifestations take place throughout the month in various cities of Brazil. (On the picture : Zumbi and Dandara dos palmares, leaders of the Quilombo dos palmares, on the biggest territory of runaway slaves, that lasted over a hundred years). #dayofblackconsciousness #diadaconsciencianegra #zumbidospalmares #Dandaradospalmares #quilombosdospalmares #afrobrasileiro #afrobrasileira #brasil

(Link in bio) Honey, there is no way I am going back to a whitewashed religion forced on my ancestors and at the source of so many ills in african communities. I love reading about young black women moving away from christianity to african spiritualities as it is currently what I am going through although I reject the word "witch", and it's not surprising that those are women and lgbtq people. However those articles only come from the US. I'd be curious to know what's the situation for afropean women. Maybe I'm the one that have to write that article ? Ironically, for many afropeans ,I think our proximity to Africa still keep us far away from those spiritualities as we have hard core colonial religious parents and communities that stigmatize their own traditional spiritualities except when they can use it for their own personal good(and that includes Islam as it is not a religion indigenous to africa either fyi). I came out has an apostate to my very catholic mom and she was surprisingly supportive, even told me about rituals she used to do in her village with her grandmother when she was a kid. Im sure she can't help but think I'm gonna turn into a demon though 😂 That's the african cognitive dissonance for you. However, This path is a lonely one and I miss having a community to gather with and real persons to get knowledge from. #foulardetfeminisme #headwraps #spirituality #spiritualitéafricaine #vaudou #voodoo #hoodoo #turban #headwraps #turban #turbante #feminism #lgbt #candomblé #umbanda #santeria

Baloji, congolese-belgian rapper, singer-songwriter, video director. If you've never listened to his music, or watched his videos, you don't know what you're missing. @baloji #gele #headwrap #turban #turbante #music #attachédefoulard #rapmusic #congo #belgique🇧🇪

Peep that old school ghanaian mommy swag. @delasiafrica mommy/baby picture is iconic. #headwraps #headwrap #ghana #turban #turbante #africanwomenwithstyle

Mother of George, a stunning movie starring Danai Gurira (the walking dead, Black Panther) and Isaac de Bankolé (an Ivorian actor that was also in Black Panther). The movie is about a Nigerian couple living in Brooklyn and struggling with infertility; how it affects their community, their family, their relationship. A necessary movie given how african communities view infertility and how the "blame" is more often that not put on the woman. #motherofgeorge #infertility #nigeria #afrodiaspora #womenrights #africanwomenrights #headwraps #turban #gele #foulard #danaigurira #africancinema #cinemaafricain

🎵Brown skin, you know I love your brown skin
I can't tell where yours begins, I can't tell where mine ends🎵 I was told so many times that I look like India Arie (especially when I still had my locks), I don't know if that's true but I know I wish I had half of her talent. #indiaarie #brownskin #headwrapstyle #headwrapqueen #foulard #attachédefoulard #turbantestyle #turbante #marétèt #turban #headscarf #soulfulwoman

The dancehall artist @spiceofficial making a statement against colorism and internalized racism and I am here for it !👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Black people will demolish a dark skin woman self esteem and then vilify her for bleaching her skin (e.g Lil Kim). I am tired of all those hoteps memes puting the blame of black women for wearing weaves, lightening their skin and all that jazz while failing to mention the roots of the problem and how black men especially are a big part of it. You only date white and light skin women with curly hair and call dark skin women ugly all the time, but dark skin women trying to achieve this colonialist standard of beauty is the only issue eh? Plus where is your natural hair bruv? Why do you start panicking when your barber is out of town? A big majority of black men don't know what their natural hair look like because they never let it grow but are first to give black women lessons about authenticity. 🙄The effects of colonialism hit our bodies more because we are women, but you are not exempt of it. You wouldn't last a minute in our shoes. #blackhipocrisy #colorism #racism #hotepsbelike #hotepsgotmefuckup #darkskinwomen #lindaepreta #belezanegra

"It's the people that make the country no just the country that makes itself".Entitled, an ode to immigrant mothers by @adeyemimichael . Link in his bio.#blackwomanrock #africanmoms #gele #nigerian #british #peckham #headwraps #ichafu #turbante #afrodiaspora #yoruba #afropean

Immigrant mothers are conquerors. Entitled, Adeyemi Michael's short film, is one of the best things I've seen this year. #blackmothersmatter #blackwomanrock #africanmoms #gele #nigerian #peckham #headwraps #ichafu #turbante #afrodiaspora #nigerian #yoruba

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