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🌌 ben & molly  ben: ♍️ sun ♋️ moon ♏️ rising molly: ♏️ sun ♓️ moon ♍️ rising ♒️ Aquarius Season 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️

guys I almost impulse bought a $600 pair of gucci shoes last week pls help me

oof I didn’t write this but these are quite nice

don’t do drugs kids

okay these are actually pretty cool except I use a laptop and almost exclusively the trackpad -ben

one time I had an idea for a book but that’s about how far I got (deleted last post to keep with theme) -ben

wow it’s in the high 20s here (Fahrenheit) and that’s about the coldest it ever gets -ben

8.1 mil likes that’s a bit 👀 thank all of you so much for helping to make this a such great year and happy 2018 already for y’all outside the US 🎉🎊🎈

personally I never do new years resolutions cause they seem kind of gimmicky but I won’t hate -ben

thanks for everyone supporting @ignitiongreen lately 💚 we’ll be updating our website soon and there’ll probably be pics of me on there lmao -ben

they’re good dogs Brent

the earth is a cone

Arizona is very pretty but my lips are very chapped

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