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Slay  21 | Encinitas | Snapchat @Axell | ⚔ | Twitter @Axell_hodges | Day by Slay YouTube link below

Day by Slay #2 is up on my YouTube ⚔️ link is in my bio

Couple panic revs today. YouTube vid tomorrow ⚔️ @tylerbereman @jfitzo @twitchthis8

Started up @officialpalaraceway today⚔️ vc @asilvy58

2019 KX 450 video link in my bio ⚔️

Just dropped a video on my YouTube ripping the 19 @kawasakiusa KX 450 ⚔️ link is in my bio | PC @drewruizphoto

What movie? 😂 ⚔️ @gabriella.ellyse phenomenal filming

Get er done son ⚔️ click the link in my bio for some PH cam #phoneguy pc @sanoshots

Learned some new stuff with @colinlikewhat yesterday. My new @cultcrew is tits ⚔️ @brandonmcelroy_ thinkin he’s a rapper huh 🎧 song link in his bio

Look 1 or look 2 ⚔️ @drewruizphoto got some money shots at the @kawasakiusa KX 450 intro #swipeleft

@officialpalaraceway today was dope as always ⚔️ iPhone in the waistband makes for a dope #POV 😂 #dongcam

Dogs gotta eat 🐕 love this bike @kawasakiusa ⚔️ pc @drewruizphoto

Decided to film my day yesterday ⚔️ Click the link in my bio for Day by Slay #1

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