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4:20 4/20!! 🎉💚🎉 In all seriousness ya’ll... I could write a dissertation on how much marijuana has helped me over the years. With anxiety, depression, creativity, meditation, menstruation, relaxationnnnn... a whole spectrum of things. As Louis Armstrong put it simply, it has been “an assistant and a friend”. I look forward to the day it is legal everywhere and the true scope of its medical benefits are recognized without stigma. Now... who’s getting high with me? 👽🔥🤚🏿🤚🏻🤚🏽

Happiest of holidays 💚 Take 20% off our Healer necklace, all accessories (including crystal pipes!), and... hell the whole site today only with coupon code “puffpuffpass” at checkout 🌬🌬💚

Going through all my bins, choosing stones/ objects to bring with me to @penlandschool where I’ll be taking a week long workshop in stone setting called Beyond the Bezel (I leave in 5 days holy crap!!). My mind is already racing with possibilities. This is gonna be fun... 🤓💎 #levelup #continuededucation #backtoschool

Currently ✨🔨💎✨ #handmadejewelry

A little time lapse fun with the ol Rose of Jericho ✨🌱✨ Also known as a resurrection plant, these magikal specimens can live for years in a dried up dormant state and sprout in just 3 hours once they find a stable water source. Now that’s my kinda party trick 👐🏽 #resurrectionplant #roseofjericho

Bout time for another #giveaway I’d say! ☝️💎🌙✨ This time I put together a mini Spring altar/ talisman kit... a lil something light and sparkly to help move those heavy winter vibes along 🌬🌬🌬 To get in on this: Send some warm spring thoughts on to a friend by mentioning them below. Holler @ as many friends as you would like but please one friend per comment as it helps me choose most fairly! 1 comment = 1 entry (so more comments = more chances to win). Both you and your friend must be following and I’ll send something to the winning buddy too! Giveaway will close Friday at 12pm PST and I’ll announce the winner here and in our story over the weekend. See list of prizes below and good luck!! The Loot: Our Seeker Necklace in bronze, Mini Nyx in white bronze (a sold out style!), crystal specimens: dolomite, fluorite, herkimer and clear quartz, and a vintage brass pyramid totem. Total worth $250 ! 😎

These mountain mornings 💦

Been holding onto this one for a while!! 😌 I recently had the awesome pleasure of helping my friends find the perfect engagement ring. This insane Victorian era fire opal beauty has sparkly mine-cut diamonds and an aura from another galaxy. Circa 1900! I’m hoping IG doesn’t obliterate the quality of this vid cuz it’s truly a vision 😭 Congrats Emily and Mitch and TY!! If anyone else out there needs assistance finding their dream jewelz for any occasion don’t be shy... hit me up with your visions I gotchyoo 🕵🏻‍♀️✨🖤

👽🔮🖤✨ #tinyliving

25 new OOAK’s hitting the site today! 12pm PST// 3pm EST. Link to the section is in my bio for easy access. Swipe for some closer looks! I have such a blast making these releases thank you so much for your support in its many many forms. 🖤🖤🖤 See you then!

New One of a Kind update tomorrow at 12pm PST // 3pm EST ! Stay tuned up top for a preview of everything that will list. And see ya there! 🖤

A note on inspiration, where it comes from, and things I’ve learned about dealing with blockage 💌 I wish I could sit here and say “every time I need to feel inspired I *blah*”. That it’s in books, or traveling, or the desert. Something romantic, super “on brand”, and steadfast. But I can’t, and to be frank I think most people who say they can are trying to put too pretty a bow on the whole thing. Unfortunately sometimes looking for inspiration can be exasperating and fruitless. But what I can say from my personal experience with it all is this: with patience, THE WORK will almost always inspire the work. The materials. The process. The act of DOING the damn thing. I get that showing up day after day making things you yourself feel uninspired by can feel like flailing, but remember it’s ALL part of it. Being disciplined and having a willingness to wade through all sorts of things that don’t work until you find a thing that does, is sometimes the only path to uncovering the spark. It’s hard work but hey it is WORK we are talking about. And if you made it this far you should 100% listen to the @onbeing podcast episode featuring writer (and my personal guru) @elizabeth_gilbert_writer . Just google it. She has a such poignant and relatable perspective on all this stuff that has gotten me through many a “less than” day. I hope it helps if any of you are in it. Holler if you feel me 😘

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