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Aubrey Wright  I travel in the industry of music, composed of talent and imagination. STAY POSITIVE.

Sometimes you have to experience a low point in life to learn a good lesson. Stay strong and carry on.

Have a great evening my friends.

#StayPositive #AWrightWorld

Love is in the air! I can smell my coffee brewing... (☎️: @rudgrcom // 📸: @louisvanbaar)

Toxic friends will destroy your self-esteem, ruin your happiness and hold you back. Good friends help pick you up when you’re down, they celebrate your successes, they mourn with you, cheer you on, and stand by your side when your life has shattered beneath your feet.

Life’s too short to let people steal joy from you! Look around and make sure you haven’t surrounded yourself with toxic friends. If you have, put yourself first and let them go.

Sending love around the world to all my friends. You mean more than words to me.

#StayPositive #AWrightWorld

I couldn't be more proud of #TeamGarrix and all those involved in last nights @warchildholland charity show!

As we board the plane to South Africa, I send my love to everyone around the world ❤

It doesn't take much to turn someone's day around. Spread kindness.

Have a great Monday!

#StayPositive #AWrightWorld

What did the chickpea say when she had a stomachache? ... "I falafel!"

Grudges will only serve as a distraction, a negative drain on your life.

Learn to let go, to learn from it, and move on. If you continue to focus on the grudges you hold, you'll spend more time focusing on someone else's life than focusing on your own.

Have a great day my friends! Enjoy the weekend.

#StayPositive #AWrightWorld

Surround yourself with great people, and you'll live a great life.

Had a great luncheon with a group of the best Gents I know.

Not all relationships in life are healthy. Learn to tell the difference.

Have a great weekend my friends.

#StayPositive #AWrightWorld

Talk to each other.

Thank you to all my friends. You mean more to me than you'll ever know.

Give thanks to all those you can truly call your friends. More than a friend, they are family.

Have a great Friday my friends. Go out and enjoy the weekend!

#StayPositive #AWrightWorld

I can’t wait to go home and take my pants off! (📸: @michaelrossgeorge // 👕: @crystalleigh)