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Weekend shenanigans 💕

Me and my fake la croix got into a little fight today. And I can’t stop laughing at how much liquid is all over me and the front of my car, this picture doesn’t even do it justice. Happy Monday 🎉

17 seconds of floaty white things in the sky... they are moving so slowwwwww. I was literally thinking “I can’t post this, it’s so boring”. And yet, I feel like it’s beautifully slow. Recently, I am wishing time would slow down, but I know that isn’t a thing, so I am trying to figure out how to soak it all up. .
LIKE HOW DO YOU APPRECIATE EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE?! I am officially a few days into year 31, which is wild and more than ever, I feel like I don’t have a clue what I am doing or what to expect and weirdly, I am okay with it all. Let’s be real, we are all kids trying really hard to be adults, choosing to sometimes make adult decisions.... like selling my house, paying off my debt and still choosing to eat way too many Oreos for dinner, because why not?!
I am learning to choose patience and trust and joy, again and again, waiting for God’s next adventure to show up. And while I wait, I am so excited to slow down for a bit and just enjoy watching the floaty white things in the sky.


Spending time and catching up with people who make you laugh and remind you why life is so precious... that will never get old for me. My heart is full!
. .
Also, I am literally SO full. Hibachi is the real deal people.

Things I know: life is messy and days go by too quickly. The past month has been a whirlwind and I am not sure how to process it all, but there have been some gems along the way. And today I am thankful for a slow Saturday morning filled with friends, peonies in one of my favorite colors, and hazelnut coffee from Wolfgangs, which I shouldn’t be drinking 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s crazy to think that our first full year of Lifeline at East Paris is coming to a close... IT HAS BEEN A WILD ADVENTURE! I am incredibly thankful for all of the people that have filled this first year with so much joy and laughter!!!

The Lord blessed me with one tulip in my yard and it’s perfect.

Spring vibes ☀️

Grief is a strange thing. I don’t really know how to feel or what to say in this space. Honestly, I am struggling to find the good in the last few days, but that doesn’t mean I stop searching for it. I do know this... I am thankful for people who sit with you and let you just be a giant mess. I am thankful for a community that is like my second family and I am proud to call them mine. And I am thankful for technology that allows me to see and talk to my loved ones when they are far away.

It’s a little chilly outside, but that sunshine is just too inviting ☀️

Trail walking with my best buds ☀️

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