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I couldn't survive here...
[Colorado 2015]

Tearing into the weekend like...
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#OutinKC with @rizogram about two years ago...
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Pushing my comfort zone and embracing the flaws in this 60+ year old lens. It's one of the few items I have from my great uncle Herschel who was an avid photographer and traveled all over the globe as a missionary and radio technician. There is dust and haze inside the lens and I hesitate to try to fix it. I feel that the imperfections were lent from all the places he went with it.
28mm is not my normal portrait area and tends to be unforgiving. This is especially true with this being entirely manual and through a dead adapter. The camera sees what it sees and often the EVF on my A7ii does not represent the actual image shot. It has a film feel when I use it. I miss that. There is risk involved when I use this lens. There is often a good chance that if I rely on it, I will potentially miss a moment when messing with the manual settings or not have my focus point…in focus. There is less room for digital wizardry because my camera gets no data from the lens. It just captures what it sees. The field of focus is extremely thin with this lens even when stopped down, and it's hazy. It isn't crystal. It pushes me.
I'm so glad to have the opportunity to take this lens that sat in a dusty camera bag in storage for easily 40 years and with an adapter, make it work and shoot in a way it never has before on a beautiful full frame sensor. Bridging that gap in technology excites me about the creative age we live in. Old and new making incredible things together. #AWOLsystems #SWYS #SWYSKC


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