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tHeO  I walk into the club like yo yo Satan what’s poppin

honestly I should turn this into a broadway account would y'all be mad lmao #whizzer #marvin #falsettos #broadway #nyc #theater #tennis #gay

Idk if I like this statement or not? What are y’all thoughts on this

Follow my tumblrs! I don’t really use them like that but I’d like to start. They are @pleasantnutcollector @pleasantnutphotographer

I have some thoughts™️ on the Last Jedi, but like Oscar Issac is really hot so all those thoughts aren’t important

I NEED MORE INTERNET/IRL FRIENDS OH MY GOOOOODDDD dm me to be friends send me a meme and we’ll be Gucci

I’m cryin in the club to this song

Lol I feel like they calling both my cats out

Here is a wholesome post to brighten up your day, because holidays can be really shitty! If ya fam isn’t excepting or that shit me and @superfruitaddict will adopt you! Comment if you would like to be adopted I’d like another child

Important!! Please don’t compromise ya mental health for the holidays!! #holidaycare

This is fucked. I can’t even think of what to say except that. #blueplanet2

Gender me correctly daddy, use words respectively (which means DONT USE THEM) to me daddy

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