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Hey babes--

Hubert's lemonade🎀

I love lemonade☺️

I might see Cinderella tomorrow✌️

#Qotp: What's your fav drink💙

#Aotp: Lemonade🌸

Bye lovelies -Shay🌸

Hey guys--

We missed you guys💔

Well anyway, I like this pic✌️

Idk where Savannah and Akara are😩

Oh well. Spam for a 15min shoutout😘

#Qotp: bikes or scooters⚓️

#Aotp: Bikes🔑

Bye my loves -Shay🌸

Ayye babes--

The Fault in our stars💙

Cozy night☺️

John Green is an amazing author🌸

#Qotp: fav author/fav book

Took this pic myself☺️

#Aotp: John Green/ The fault in our stars

Bye bye -Shay🌸

Hey babes--

Starbucks today🎀

@akara_.janay @sqvqnnqh @gymnasticsismylife2461

#Qotp: Starbucks or Dunkin donuts?

#Aotp: Starbucks💙

Well anyway bye bye -Shay🌸

Hey guys--

Another landscape post😬

I guess we like landscapes😂

#Qotp: Fav color🎀

#Aotp: Blue💙

Bye -Shay🌸

Hey guys--


It's like bae🌸

It's like 3am😩

#Qotp: 🚹 or 🚺

#Aotp: 🚺

Bye -Savannah✌️

Hey guys--

This Landscape is like bae✌️

#Qotp: Summer or Winter🌴🏂

#Aotp: Summer🌴

Bye bye -Shay🌸

Hai there babes--


I think the blue one is cool☺️

#Qotp: What is your fav macaroon?🌸

#Aotp: Blueee💙

Bye bye -Savannah✌️

Hey babes--


@qoqcorn took this pic herself [She's the co-owner]🌴

Qotp: Eos or baby lips?🌸

Aotp: Eos🎀

Bye bye -Shay🌸

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