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ćhłöë | emmy x2 & angela x1 🌷  jack dylan grazer enthusiast

‘s edit
sorry mills, there can only be one hbic :) —
lol i hate this bye
ac; youtube lol
dt; sadie my baby
prgm; vs
guys this isn’t serious ! it’s just a joke, i obviously love sadie & millie the exact same, their both the most precious things to me 🤠💓 { #sadiesink #milliebobbybrown #videostar #omgpage #strangerthings #it #like #australia #bestedits }

just a quick reminder
always do what you love & believe in yourself, be a good friends & always be kind to everyone ( even people you dislike ) spread it all across the world so we can all be an amazing big ass family. if you guys ever need someone to talk to, i’m always here Xx ⚡️💖

creds; @reylynnc { #videostar #strangerthings #it #australia #like }

hApPy biRtHdaY to my baby, idol, favourite person, rat & ofc the girl who has change my life completely! millie you don’t even know how much i appreciate you & what you do to make me smile everyday. yes, yes i know people always ask why i obsessed over you but like isn’t it obvious?! i will be making an edit for you after school which will be on; @awkaspbrak 1!1!1!1 i actually can’t believe that you’re 14 like f o u r t e e n , wowie that just makes me realise how long i have been staning you for lolol. i love you’re quirky, kind hearted & caring personality & i believe that no one could have a single amount of hate on you in their bones! ( & if they did well their in for a ride :) ) i am waiting for you to come to melbourne well australia again so i can actually buy tickets! i will & it’s happening don’t worry ;) oh & can we just appreciate you’re gorgeousness ( lmao ) you’re actually the most prettiest & precious girl to me! no one can think otherwise :) i know we haven’t met in person but when we do i can’t wait to thank you & just give you the biggest hug! thank you & thank you so much for everything you have done bbg. you are so precious to me & i ( i mean our fandom ) will protect you at all damn costs! have an over amazing day girlie 💖💗💘💓💝💞💕 love chloe :)) 🌈⚡️💐😋
{ tag mills } #spam #milliebobbybrown #milliesbirthday #strangerthings i will make an edit later after school ! 🌈

's edit !
st on crack pt 1 🥂
woo hoo ! first meme edit, and im proud !1!1!1 please give credit if you use cause this took awhile <3
comment if you want a pt 2 ! { #strangerthings #strangerthingsoncrack #it #itcastoncrack #australia #omgpage }

‘s edit !
my favourite side of him 💐

ac; puremileven
ib; puremileven lol
prgm; vs
idk what happened with the watermark, it was moving around in one bit cause i spilt the scene :)
{ #omgpage #jackdylangrazer #jackdylangrazerisoverparty #jackgrazer #videostar #like #elliehiyar #taliajauregui }

hii amazing people ! my shirt for jacks #youtakemybreathaway apparel came today ! i love it so much & i guarantee you i will be wearing this so much :)) jack, i know you probably won’t see this ( please tag him ) but i love you so much & i know a lot of people say that but it’s true it’s so true ! you inspire me to do what i love & you put a smile on my face everyday. you mean the whole world to me & that shit that you had to go through ( talia situation & being told to kill yourself ) was disgusting & nobody especially you deserved that ! stay strong bubba & i love you with all my heart & bones 💐🌿⚡️🌈💖 @jackdgrazer #australia #jackdylangrazer

fine by me
TEMP POSTING ( cause of school )
creds; @simplyabstruse :)

it would be nice if someone dm’d me & maybe made me feel a bit better :(
{ #aftereffects #jackdylangrazer #like #it }

favourite softies
ac; me
dt; dogs gc
program; vs

yes this is shit but oh whale 💗
start bit of millie is; @grande.mp4 { #milliebobbybrown #noahschnapp #finnwolfhard #like #videostar #omgpage }

a caring boy
ac; me
dt; @jackdgrazer !
program; vs

i bought one of his shirts & im so excited to wear it ✨
{ @jackdgrazer #jackdylangrazer #omgpage #like4like }

i love emmy perry
ac; @awbyers
dt; my underrated bbg
program; vs

yes , i know this is short but it’s cute ! please tag emmy it would mean a lot ♡
{ @emmyperryxo #jackdylangrazer #emmyperry #omgpage #emmyperryedit }

jillie? sorry i only know sillie ✌🏼

ac; me again lol
dt; my girls + all sillie stans
program; vs

guys don’t @ me for this ! it’s just a preference,, i’m not hating lol. if millie is happy w jacob then i’m happy, but yeah it’s just a preference you know :))
{ #jillie #sillie #omgpage #like }

more tea has spilt kids 🤭

ac; me
dt; ellie + all jellie stans
program; vs

guys this is a joke,, don’t @ me please. my opinion is that ellie is a bad influence for jack, it’s their relationship but it’s my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️
{ #elliehiyarisoverparty #jackdylangrazer #elliehiyar #snake #omgpage #like }

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