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Adam White  “You’re wonderful. Maybe, in physical terms, I’m a little cuter than you, but you should be much more popular than I am."

Ready for Halloween.

My junior year in high school, after my brother had put up a poster of Kathy Ireland he bought at Target, I felt that I should buttress the illusion of my heterosexuality and find a similar poster for my room. I settled on this image above, whose pitiful absurdity seems almost impossible to me in retrospect. (That said, I still think Gwyneth looked great in an empire waist.) Here’s to another National Coming Out Day and a celebration of all of those who don’t pass, can’t pass and won’t pass.

A reminder of the liberal media at work 27 years ago.

Samson et Delila et Liam et John et Paul et Opening Night at the Opera.

Yes, you moved from an oppressive red state where people think poverty is the result of laziness and Jesus is going to save everyone from climate change. That's great! But it then means that the election day that matters most is the Democratic primary, which is today! It's incumbent (pun intended) that we boot out the slew of Democratic machine candidates who've conspired to hand the State Senate to Republicans for eight years. Do your duty! Feel good about yourself! Rightly earn your New York smugness! Vote!

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