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Adam White  “You’re wonderful. Maybe, in physical terms, I’m a little cuter than you, but you should be much more popular than I am."

Samson et Delila et Liam et John et Paul et Opening Night at the Opera.

Yes, you moved from an oppressive red state where people think poverty is the result of laziness and Jesus is going to save everyone from climate change. That's great! But it then means that the election day that matters most is the Democratic primary, which is today! It's incumbent (pun intended) that we boot out the slew of Democratic machine candidates who've conspired to hand the State Senate to Republicans for eight years. Do your duty! Feel good about yourself! Rightly earn your New York smugness! Vote!

The most pathetic sound I’ve ever heard.

One more in the series of my favorite meme.

“That’s not how it works, Sarah...”

“Adam, what do you think is the summer album for 2018?”

This really cuts to the core of so many different debates happening now in America.

“Hey, Adam, how are you feeling after a long weekend of drinking out in the sun?”

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